Gold Emblem Easter candies from CVS are a Must-Buy this Easter! Jordan Almonds and Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs and many other delicious Easter candies to choose from! Oh my!

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I have to admit that I really love to shop for Easter candies and I love to put together the Easter Baskets. I think this year I may just have to make myself one too! At the top of my shopping list are the Gold Emblem choices found at CVS. The Jordan Almonds come in a resealable zipper pack and 11 pieces are only 180 calories. These sweet candy-coated almonds come in an assortment of pastel colors and are great for Easter baskets and filling up those plastic eggs. (Great for Moms and Dads!)  I actually think that there is more candy than Almonds but with me, that is a plus! It’s truly a sweet indulgence over the Easter holiday.

But, my favorite are the Gold Emblem Select Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs! I may just have to keep them for myself! Even though I will most likely share. Chocolate and delicious vanilla creme! Need I say more?! This would be at the top of my Easter Basket wish list! (Hint! Hint!) Yes, hoping the hubby reads this one!

Find these and so many more Easter treats at

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday feature post. Photo Credit: CVS.


  1. Seriously?? You recommend CVS Gold Embkem Jordan Almonds for KIDS?? Of course, an unbiased opinion for your FREE sample. They are coated in a jaw breaker! Those things cost me a $700 trip to the dentist and half of a tooth yesterday! I do not understand how somebody can recommend these for anyone, much kess kids, unless you reduce the candy-coating by at least HALF.

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