Go Fish #EatMoreSeafood Sweepstakes: Chicken of the Sea rewards Americans for eating more fish

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A leading seafood provider is rewarding the public with gift cards and other incentives for heeding sweeping new federal guidelines that call on Americans to add significantly more seafood to their diet.

Chicken of the Sea has launched #EatMoreSeafood Go Fish! Challenge to incentivize Americans to adopt the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020  that call for substituting seafood for other forms of protein foods for at least two meals (or 8 ounces) per week.  The program continues through March 15, 2017.

Instrumental to the 10-week program, as well as Chicken of the Sea’s ongoing mission to increase America’s nutritional health through greater consumption of fresh and packaged fish, is the fact that promotional participants will be rewarded for eating and sharing their experiences with all seafood – regardless of the brand.

“These latest guidelines confirm what Chicken of the Sea has known for years:  Americans just aren’t getting enough seafood,” explained Maureen McDonnell, director of marketing for Chicken of the Sea. “Since our goal is to get Americans’ seafood diet to come closer to resembling that of the rest of the world, the program covers all types, varieties and brands of seafood and shellfish.”

“While we’d prefer they reach for the familiar Chicken of the Sea Mermaid, participants eating and sharing any fresh or packaged seafood will be eligible to win one of 13 prizes.”

Per promotion rules, ten weekly winners will be chosen at random to receive $100 gift cards while three monthly winners will enjoy free Chicken of the Sea seafood for one year, valued at $468.  Seafood fans enter by posting original seafood-related content accompanied with the #EatMoreSeafood hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, or by completing an entry form on the Chicken of the Sea web or Facebook page. Regardless of the entry method they choose, they are encouraged to offer their own seafood tips, recipes, serving suggestions, stories, nutritional facts, photos, videos or other sources of inspiration.

Chicken of the Sea will motivate the public to participate throughout the 10-week promotion (and beyond) by posting a series of “Go Fish” messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest themed to recipes, nutritional facts, trivia, new products and tips on healthy living, traceability and sustainability. Chicken of the Sea will select some of the best tips, recipes and other content submitted by the public for inclusion in the final, 52-message deck, which will be posted on the Go Fish microsite and available for download at the conclusion of the program.

Several Chicken of the Sea products, including Tuna and Salmon in EZ-Open cans, Flavored Salmon Pouches and Sardines, will be featured throughout the promotion to highlight the variety of ways that Americans can meet the increased seafood consumption goals.

Published in 2016 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the USDA,Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 concludes that average seafood consumption is below recommendations for all U.S. age-sex groups and suggests dramatic changes in the American diet to increase this intake – such as choosing a salmon steak or tuna sandwich over traditional choices.

For more information on the #EatMoreSeafood Go Fish! Challenge, go to www.chickenofthesea.com/EatMoreSeafood.  Full contest rules are available.

Credit: Chicken of the Sea.

I recently received Chicken of the Sea Tuna, Salmon and Sardines and I just love their Tuna and Salmon! I’m not a big sardine lover but my Mother-in-Law loved them!

About Chicken of the Sea

Founded in 1914, Chicken of the Sea (COS) is a leading provider of healthy, delicious and responsibly sourced seafood, offering not only a robust product line but the recipes and meal-planning insights needed to inspire seafood lovers to greater culinary creativity. The company provides tuna, salmon, clams, crab, oysters, shrimp, mackerel, kipper snacks and sardines in cans, cups and pouches as well as innovative new products consistent with seafood’s growing status as a healthy “new” protein choice in America.


Headquartered in San Diego, COS uses responsible fishing practices to source its seafood products from around the world, and packages them at a state-of-the-art processing facility in Lyons, Ga., as well as at third-party facilities. The company is led by a team of industry veterans with more than 300 years of collective experience in the packaged seafood industry.


For information on Chicken of the Sea, including recipes, serving suggestions and nutritional and meal-planning insights as well as information on the latest new Chicken of the Sea products, go towww.chickenofthesea.com.


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