Girls back to school fashion must have: Keysocks!


There are times when making sacrifices in the name of fashion are worth it. But polishing off a look with a favorite pair of heels, stylish flats or cute sneakers is not an instance where women need to suffer any longer. Keysocks are the secret style tool keeping feet warm and comfortable in any shoe, on any occasion, anywhere. The first knee-high, no-show socks for women, Keysocks are designed to stay in place and out of sight.


From skinny jeans to dress slacks, Keysocks can be worn invisibly with any full-length pair of pants. A strategic keyhole opening on the top of Keysocks makes it nearly impossible for anyone to notice the garment inside a shoe. Toes are kept cozy, heels have a cushion against blisters and legs have an added layer of warmth for chilly environments.


More adventuresome fashionistas pair their Keysocks with capris, skirts and dresses. A combination of schoolgirl meets trendy temptress when worn with a skirt or dress, and golfer, preppy-chic with capris, Keysocks are the must-have fashion accessory for every season. Brides who want to keep the height of their heels all night long without cringing in pain even wear Keysocks under their dresses as a sexy and unexpected addition to their trousseau. The occasions when Keysocks can save the day and a woman’s tootsies are truly endless!


Keysocks are available in Original or Light versions. Made from moisture-wicking Coolmax® polyester and form fitting Lycra® spandex, Original Keysocks wick moisture away from skin, breathe efficiently and dry fast to provide the foundation for a day at the office or a night on the town. The original sock is a tad thicker than the light version, perfect for colder months or icebox offices.


Light Keysocks are made from a revolutionary, patented process that converts coffee residue into an eco-friendly, sumptuously light fiber. Light socks provide a knee-high experience that can be enjoyed in the spring or summer. And, they are the perfect solution for heels or flats that are a little too big or need time to break in, providing just enough extra padding.

I received samples and I like that they are comfy and they really do stay in place! I highly recommend for girls and women too!


Available in a variety of colors, Keysocks are $14.00 per pair or $47.00 for a 4-pack mix and match set. For more information and ordering, visit:


About Keysocks

Keysocks got its start when on a chilly day in 2009 when the founder, Shelby McKee, was headed to a Cincinnati Bengals football game and refused to compromise her style to stay warm.  Instead, Shelby took her husband’s knee high sock; cut a hole in it, and the first pair of Keysocks was born.  Shelby proudly attended the game in her go-to skinny jeans with flats, while remaining warm and comfortable. When friends began asking where they could find her socks she knew she had developed a unique product. After years of perfecting the design, Shelby recruited her two sisters Christy and Stefanie to launch Keysocks in 2012.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photos and info were also provided.



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