Gift ideas for kids who love animals

Lots of kids love animals. They can be cute, feisty and terrifying – something that your kid can probably relate to! Whether it’s fluffy felines with whiskers or big creatures that fend for themselves in the wild, animals can be fascinating for kids for many reasons. For example, having pets helps them to form connections and understand loyalty, whereas wild animals seem so unknown and fuel their desire to understand the world. So, if you have a kid who loves animals, here are some great gift ideas.

Animal toys

All kids love toys and, depending on the age of your child, animal toys can be hugely appreciated. Why are the Toy Story films so popular? Because kids love animal toys. Younger children particularly enjoy cuddly, fluffy toys in the shape of their favorite animal so they can play games whilst also snuggling them at bedtime. Here are some suitable toys for a boy aged 8

Safari parks and zoos

You probably can’t satisfy your kid’s love for animals simply through toys, however. They will want to see real animals in the flesh. So, why not treat them to a day out at a zoo or safari park? Zoos can be really exciting for kids because they get to see all kinds of big, powerful animals up close. Differently, safari parks give a sense of how animals live in their natural habitats. Whichever your kid prefers, both are great ways of showing them what real animals look like and how they behave, and can be great gifts.

Adopting an animal

When your kid gets a bit older they might yearn for a sense of responsibility and a more personal connection to an animal. If your child loves wild animals you obviously can’t get one as a pet, but could get them the gift of an adopted animal. For example, if your kid loves penguins, adopt a penguin on their behalf. With most schemes, they will then receive a toy version of the animal, some information (often including fun things like stickers and drawings to color in) and regular updates about how the adopted animal is doing. Your kid will not only feel great for adopting an animal and helping its life, but also a new sense of connection to their adopted friend.

Small pets

If your kid has been desperate for a pet of their own, but you’re worried about the responsibility, you could get them a small pet as a gift. For example, sea monkeys are a popular gift for animal lovers, as they teach kids how to look after animals but they’re super small, don’t take up much space or make a mess. If you think your kid might want something more substantial, a fish or some stick insects could be a similarly good idea as a beginner pet. When they’ve got used to this responsibility, you could get them a hamster or Guinea pig for their next gift.

A big pet!

If your kid loves animals, a great gift would be a bigger pet that they can look after, such as a cat or dog. Most kids have a preference, so find out what they like and make sure you do your research. For example, many people like to get their pets as young as possible so they can train them well and grow up in a kid friendly environment. However, rescue pets can be equally lovely – but always make sure the animal is well behaved and good with kids before you dedicate to anything.

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