Get Smart About Your Family’s Health with MOBI

It’s that time of year when colds are common so these products from MOBI are a must! Whether you’re concerned about your parents living alone or experiencing baby’s first tummy bug, with MOBI you have a partner in health. Rest assured MOBI will provide you with the right tools to provide accuracy and peace of mind when you need it most. I had the opportunity to receive these products and am really impressed with how simple they are to use!

MOBI’s smart healthcare technology has you covered with accurate readings, reliable designs, and easy-to-use features.

Smart Emergency Alert Button – Help is just a click away with this wireless notification system that works throughout the whole house. This is great for families especially if you have older parents that live alone.

Smart Emergency Alert Button

Smart DualScan Ear + Forehead Bluetooth Thermometer – Get a read on their fever with the push of a button–no struggling, bribing, or crying required! I love how simple this is to use! It actually is my favorite because young children don’t seem bothered by it at all!

Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Otoscope – Now you’ll be able to see inside your inner ear, nose, or throat so you can take the right steps for a speedier recovery. Now, how cool is that?! It is also super easy to use!

MOBI is the leader in reliable connected tech for your home, health, and lifestyle with products available in retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon, and more! MOBI has been providing peace of mind through affordable technology since 2003.

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Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Information and images were also provided.

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