Get ready to slay your back-to-school photos with zulily’s Picture Day contest!

unnamedI know we are still enjoying summer break and all the adventures that come with the season! I know that I am not ready for summer to end. But, sooner than we know it, the entire family will be heading back-to-school (BTS).  To commemorate the BTS season, now live, zulily has kicked off a #zulilyPictureDay contest.

So, what have they launched?

  • All zulily fans are invited to submit their favorite school’s unique story in 100 words or less as to why zulily should outfit their school with back-to-school photos.
  • Nominations are open from July 10-16, 2017 on as well as in our app.
  • On August 11, 2017, zulily will identify the eight lucky finalists and launch an interactive Facebook Live series highlighting each entrant’s unique school story. During the series, viewers have a chance to cast their vote and help select the winning entrant and school.
  • The nominator with the winning entry will receive a $500 shopping credit on
  • And, the winning school of which the entry is about will receive a zulily Studio team visit, during which professional photographers will bring to life what we do every day! Plus a few surprises for students & teachers!
  • A special gift for entering #zulilyPictureDay is that for every person who submits a nomination, you’ll receive a special $10 off on $75+ purchase during this limited time.

Here are zulily’s Tips & Tricks for Capturing the Perfect First-Day-of-School Photo & More! Thank you to Jana Krinsky, Head Editorial Studio Manager, zulily.

The first day of school is as exciting for parents as it is for kids. It’s the time of year when social media newsfeeds are filled with eager smiles, adorable front porch shots and uniquely styled back-to-school ensembles!


zulily’s studio department features 310 in-house photographers, stylists, make-up artists, photo editors and copywriters, all working to create custom creative imagery designed to accompany our fresh, daily assortment of 100 events (aka sales!). They’re photographing nearly 100 kids per week!  And, when we photograph children’s merchandise, we engage our community and we photograph children without modeling experience, be it an employee or customer’s daughter or son, toddler, baby, etc. so you can imagine all of the tips & tricks our teams know from interacting daily with families and children to capture the zulily spirit.

This year, we want to help YOU take the best first-day-back photos with our studio team’s photography tips & tricks.

Kindergarten to 4th Grade


  • Give your memories some context. Try posing them in a familiar setting with elements that define that time in your child’s life. Use the photo as a way to tell a story to their future selves.


  • Squish the Bug! Sometimes it’s hard for kids to understand why standing in one place for a photo is important. In our studio, we draw a little bug on a piece of masking tape and place that tape precisely where we want the child to stand. When the time comes, we don’t demand the kid stands still, we just play a game! “Can you jump on the bug?”  “Can you squish him?” Every time the model starts to wander off we say “jump back to the bug,” “Quick! Squish him before he gets away!”



  • Simon Says. Games are the best way to keep your kids involved and present during your photoshoot. Rather than ordering them to stand up straight and smile, play a game of Simon Says! Mix in fun commands with your desired poses so as not to give away your new trick… “Simon says put your hands in your pocket!”


Tips for Photographing Tweens


  • Get them moving. Whether it’s a hair flip, throwing a football or flipping through a notebook, movement can capture the perfect candid (and what is more Instagram-worthy than that?)


  • Give them something to do. A task. An Act. Three steps. Often times, standing still and smiling can get really old, really quick. For a more entertaining, enjoyable photoshoot introduce some sort of task and the photos will come effortlessly.


  • Big laughs, close crops. More than capturing a moment, we want our pictures to capture the essence of our subject’s personality. Laughter is a beautiful way to bring out those genuine features and we recommend getting up close so you don’t miss a thing!


Self Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and some form of compensation was received. Photo, info, and Tips were provided. 



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