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GemKids, GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) new interactive gemology and geology education website geared toward students ages 9-12. The site allows children to learn about gems and minerals directly on their computers and tablets, and is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to create learning experiences in everyday life.


The site’s easy-to-navigate content, which is adapted from GIA’s Junior Gemologist Program™, means that children and adults can explore the world of gems in a fun, engaging way.

We checked out this website and it’s fun, educational and free! My son and I give it a thumbs up and I highly recommend it for children ages 9-12.

Here is more information:

  • The “Gem Explorer” highlights 24 popular gems – such as diamond, ruby and pearl – with information about each, including fun facts about color, history and lore; name origin; image galleries and micrographs of the gem under different microscope magnification levels; and a localities map. The “Find My Gem” feature lets students explore different gems based on their birthday, favorite color or by country of origin.


  • Story of a Gem” describes the world of gems from mineralogy, mining, cutting, phenomena, gem art and more.


  • Jewelry Explorer” describes seven categories of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, crown jewels, memorial jewelry and timepieces, while the “Jewelry Time Machine” traces the evolution of jewelry from prehistory to the modern era.


  • Parents and educators can use the “Classroom Guides” to prepare interactive programs on gemology, geology and birthstones, or to prepare Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for earning a merit badge.


  • More than 160 gem and jewelry terms are defined in the “Gem Glossary,” which also offers an audio pronunciation and descriptive image for each entry. A Careers section describes 16 jobs in the gem and jewelry field.


Taught by expert gemologists and regularly offered at the Institute’s Carlsbad, Calif. campus and in other global locations, GIA’s Junior Gemologist Program makes the complexities of gemology easily understood by all. It also meets federal curriculum guidelines, and enriches school district and youth science programs. GIA has partnered with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America to create a specialized Jr. Gemologist Program where scouts can earn geology and jewelry merit badges, belt loops and pins.

Self Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation to post.


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