Fun Ways to Spend a Rainy Day!

Whether you have children or not, a rainy day stuck in the house can get boring. If you’re looking for something fun to do on your rainy day, then look no further. Here are a variety of ways you can spend your day despite the rain, depending on your budget.

Pamper Session

Why not take this day stuck indoors to look after yourself? You can do this alone, with friends or your partner; either way, take this time to relax. Who says you need to go to a spa to be pampered? It is easy enough to spend a day soaking in the bathtub whilst the rain hits your window. Try making homemade face masks or take turns giving your partner a massage.

Movie Day

Another great way to spend a rainy day is by going to the movies. You can do this at home, or you can go to your local movie theatre. Making an at home movie theatre is a lot more comfortable though and means you can skip the adverts. Perhaps pick a film trilogy so you can watch one after the other. Don’t forget to top up on lots of movie drinks and snacks! If you do not yet have Netflix, you can find deals online to get an account for free. Search the web for deal sites like this for Netflix vouchers and lots more.

Indoor Play Day Out

If you have children and they are sick of being stuck in the house, a rainy day doesn’t mean you cannot leave the house at all. Find a great indoor play area or amusement arcade near you. This will keep you sheltered from the horrible weather and still gives you the chance to get out of the house. Many indoor play areas have a space for parents to sit and have a drink whilst their kids play, giving you the opportunity for some downtime of your own.

Camp Indoors

If you love camping but the weather is not permitting, camp indoors! You can put up a tent in your living space if you have enough room, otherwise, make your own fort. This is a chance to get creative and live just like you were camping. This means getting out the cards and not using electricity. Make it a proper experience, no cheating!

Play Games

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to play those board games that have been lying about collecting dust. A games day is a great way to bond as a family or with friends and can be plenty of fun. Perhaps invite a few friends over and have a really competitive day. This can be lots of fun, so ask all your friends to bring round any games they have.

Read a Book

A rainy day provides the perfect opportunity to get started on your book. We often dismiss reading and with so much technology around us, it is easy to see why. Reading has many great benefits and you can lose yourself for hours in a good book. Instead of sitting in front of your television, why not pick up a book and get reading?


A rainy day is a perfect time to try out those recipes that you wanted to give a go! Whether you like cooking cakes or prefer savory dishes, use this time to have some fun in the kitchen. This also provides you with the opportunity to meal prep for the week, leaving you more time through the week for other activities.

Don’t let a rainy day get you down. Instead, follow our top tips to have great fun on your next rainy day.  

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