Fun Toys from Toy State!

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Toy State simply means fun toys! They have such fun cars and trucks from CAT, Road Rippers, Road Ripper R/C, DUB Garage, CAT preschool, James Bond 007 and available soon are Gear Heads! Fun for boys of all ages and I imagine some girls would even enjoy playing with these. They are so much fun! Some light up, some really move and some even play music! My son & I were happy to receive the Rev it up Dump Truck by CAT, the Hummer H2 Road Rippers R/C and the Gear Heads Mud Buggy. The Rev it up Dump Truck really moves and is fun! Best for ages 3+. The Road Rippers R/C are just cool! They come in today’s hottest car & truck styles and have a tethered remote controlling the forward and turn-in-reverse driving action. Best also for ages 3+. You can check them out here!


Our favorite is the New Gear Heads Mud Buggy! This one is fun and isn’t on the website yet! But, check out the video below! For more information on any of these, and many more, go to Most of the toys can be found at local toy retailers such as Walmart, Kmart, Target and Toys R Us.






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