Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids At Home

Like everyone else, children have had to stay at home for the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The youngest had to get used to remote learning, with schools not being a viable option at this time. In such a situation, parents found their hands full with both their full-time jobs and full-time childcare.

As a result of so many things being closed, parents had to keep their kids entertained to tire them out at the end of the day. While life is slowly returning for adults, going back to complete normalcy might still be a few months away. There are places like Jumbaloo Playgrounds where your kids can have fun safely. Along with this, here are some activities that you can occupy your kids with when they’re at home beyond just reading books and spending time watching videos.

Build an indoor cave or fort

Building an indoor den or fort is a classic activity that almost all of us have enjoyed at some point in our lives. It’s a sure way of keeping your kids busy and entertained. The best (and safest) way to build an indoor fort is with blankets, bedsheets, pillows and some furniture pushed together. You can gather some of your kids’ toys and put it in the fort to create a playful area. Their imagination will run wild as they make up their own stories around the fort.

A treasure hunt

Creating a treasure hunt around your home is another way to keep your children engaged. You can hide small things like chocolates or toys and give them a map with the hidden treasures marked for them to find. You can explain the map to your children and even help them with clues if you have the time. This can be a family activity as the adults can get involved with guiding the kids around.

Life-size drawings

This activity is bound to keep your children busy for hours. You can stick together a load of sheets of paper, or you can buy a big paper roll instead, and place it on the floor. Ask your kids to lie down on it and outline their body on the paper. Once the outline is ready, they can go wild with crayons, paint, stickers, glitter and other accessories. You can then use these drawings as wall decor in their room walls afterwards.

Being locked inside can be difficult for children, as they likely miss their friends and being active. As kids continue to spend most of their time within their homes, it is important for the parents to keep them entertained and engaged in fun activities while helping them to think creatively. Many activities can also be turned into family activities to provide the adults a much-needed break from their work.

Photo Credit: Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

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