Free Parenting Telesummit!


This is a free online event produced and hosted by Abby Bordner, Director of The Birthing Tree in Santa Fe, NM. The telesummit is a collection of 30 minute interviews with 21 professionals in parenting, children’s health and family wellness. Register online to listen in to one, some or all of the interviews with insightful commentary on raising kids and building healthy relationships.

Please visit for the schedule of speakers and registration. Interviews will air between August 12th and 23rd (two speakers a day) with replay options available for most interviews. Details with speaker’s schedule and online access will be shared in your confirmation email after you register.

The interviews are insightful, funny and thought provoking. This event will provide parents an opportunity to celebrate, learn and grow. Parenting asks us to face the vulnerability of being in relationship with our children. Vulnerability isn’t always pretty. It means the good and the bad that exists deep inside all of us. It means managing a full range of experiences, difficult and not, and continuing to offer ourselves in love and kindness. When a children experience a secure relationship, they thrive. A true healthy relationship is balancing everyone’s needs, making compromises, communicating and supporting each other. Parents can become better people every day when we commit to the true nature of our child’s joy, sorrow and desire for connection.

Our interviews are authentic and genuine. I’ve talked to many professionals in the fields of child psychology, child development, education, spirituality, behaviorists, a “social philosopher”, authors of best-selling parenting books, Mommy bloggers, literature and publishing. I have SO MUCH enjoyed having conversations with people all over the globe about relationship based parenting! There are amazing, passionate people out there working to support parents, guide them and educate them to encourage healthy development of children and families.

Here’s a glimpse of the many important and surprising things you’ll find in our telesummit:

  • Insights on parenting tweens, teens and step children and boundaries around electronics
  • Renegade Parenting; toy weapons, the myth of sharing and sex ed in preschool
  • An innovative therapeutic program for autism and learning disorders based in healthy relationships between parent and child
  • Giving praise makes children less interested in the behavior they earned the praise for
  • Strategies for parents to be authentic, mindful and honest AND to be a strong family leader

Come join the telesummit! You’ll laugh, think, learn and recommit to being the best parent you can be!



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