Free Museum On Wheels w/ Ben Franklin program for Summer & early Fall 2013

Mark @Trailer 2

In addition to its’ in-house tours for schools and organizations, the International Printing Museum in Carson, California has had an “out reach program” that has traveled to various schools thru out S. California for the past 15 years.
 Recently, the museum received a grant from The Ludwick Foundation to bring its’ outreach program of Benjamin Franklin & his Museum On Wheels to 40 schools in the greater LA area with primary focus on 5th & 8th Graders for Free!  These alternating fun & fact-filled 50 min. programs are available thru this summer and into early October of 2013 and follows state curriculum guidelines.
Thru a 12′ trailer that opens up into a colonial print shop along with Dr. Franklin the students and teachers get to realize that “fonts” have a longer legacy than on their computers and that adventures of inventiveness and ingenuity are a few imaginative steps away from their cell phones.  If you and your school are interested they can find out more by visiting the museum’s web page @ under Ludwick Foundation Grant article or call us  310-515-7166 Tues.-Sat.
As one of the young attendees remarked at the end of the program, “I was laughing and learning at the same time!”
Photo: Museum curator, Mark Barbour, enlists the aid of a young apprentice during the International Printing Museum’s ” Museum On Wheels” program. Photo Credit: International Printing Museum.

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