Four Ways to Give A Quick Thanks This Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is a time for food and family, but finding time to see everyone drives many people into a frenzy! Skype andSkype Qik, a brand-new, FREE video messaging app, can help your readers alleviate some of the chaos throughout the entire season of giving.


·         No distance is too far with Skype. Someone can’t make the trip? No problem! Invite family from afar to pull up a virtual chair to your dinner table by logging into Skype. Place a tablet in the center of the dinner table and it’ll like your long distance relatives are there with you (except you’ll have an extra helping of stuffing for yourself!)


·         Too many cooks in the kitchen. Planning a pot luck but don’t want seven types of stuffing? Figure out your holiday menu in advance with minimal effort by creating a Skype Qik group with all of your Turkey Day attendees. Qik video messages will allow your guests to put first dibs on what they’re planning on bringing without lengthy email chains.


·         Feast your eyes on this! Let’s face it – Thanksgiving is all about the food. Use Skype Qik to easily share before and after videos of your Thanksgiving table with your fellow foodies.


·         Dessert and Deals. After your family polishes off the apple pie, someone is bound to run out and get in line for crazy Black Friday deals. Use Skype Qik to show your family and friends videos of the masses waiting in line! They’ll know you really went to retail war on behalf of finding them the perfect holiday present.


Skype not only allows you to video chat with your family and friends, but you can also talk to each other through Skype IM! Additionally, Skype Qik – a FREE, mobile only video messaging app that is separate from the traditional Skype program – is available for download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Credit: Skype. No compensation was received to post.


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