First ever wedding live on a bus! Marry Me on a megabus!


Think about the most unique place you and your loved one could tie the knot. A roller coaster, a hot air balloon, underwater—yes, these are all unexpected venues, but believe it or not, they’ve also been done before.

But what if you were the very first couple to ever get married….on a megabus?!

That’s right—one adventurous couple will win a free wedding – on a decked-out megabus – plus honeymoon transportation and a lot of spending money.

What better way to start your life together than something as crazy (and fun!) as this?

Contestants can enter here up until Feb. 21, sharing their story and why they want to be married on a megabus. The winner will be chosen and announced via megabus social channels on March 15, 2017.

Credit: Megabus. Contest is not affiliated with SoCal City Kids.

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