Firefly Makes Brushing More Fun!

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All across the country, there are children at risk for a chronic illness that accounts for more missed school days than any other…dental disease. Dental care for children is so very important! I know my son is not a big fan of going to the Dentist (although he has the BEST Dentist!) and brushing his teeth is not…well…on the top of his list! But, we recently received a few samples from our new friends at Firefly and brushing is much easier! Firefly does make brushing more fun! My son really prefers the Fluoride Foam Toothpaste and the Angry Birds Ready Go Brush over other toothpaste and toothbrushes. I like that brushing is not as big of a struggle! The Toothbrush starts at green, then to yellow and stops at red. Now, how cool is that?!

On behalf of Firefly Toothbrushes (, a sponsor of Smiles Across America’s outreach programs ( that help underserved children receive the dental care they need, we received the following video.

We have teamed up with Firefly for a Giveaway! One winner will win the following: (2) Ready Go Toothbrush and (1) Firefly Duo Pack of Toothbrushes! To enter, leave a tip you have for brushing your child’s teeth below! Deadline to enter is April 28th, 2014 at midnight. One winner will randomly be selected from all entries.

Self Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this feature/giveaway but any opinions expressed are truthful and my own.



  1. Brush your babies teeth every time you brush your teeth ..get the habit started.

  2. Sing the Brush your Teeth song to make it more fun and help them remember why it’s important

    • Take a look at Hin#3et&ch9;s pictures from his college days and more recent pictures (pre-cancer). Shocking just how much his looks degenerated. Drinking and smoking take their toll.

  3. Consistency of the habit and timing. Make it part of the routine.

  4. brush to music! really! It works!

  5. I think it would be consistency and try to make it fun like with fun toohbrushes!

  6. we brush to music for two minutes!

  7. my daughter likes the toothbrushes that make music but she also likes angry

  8. Shayna Wells says

    yes, the musical toothbrushes work well. I think Angry Birds would be a hit too!

  9. my son loves Angry Birds!

  10. Jennifer A says

    has to be the brushes that play music!

  11. Debbie moretti says

    My boys love cute toothbrushes and we make it fun.

  12. Congrats Amber!

  13. Thank You!

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