Father’s Day cookies kids can make for Dad

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Father’s Day is only 1 week away!

Here’s a cute Father’s Day cookie recipe from FamilyFun Magazine. Kids can give dad the ribbon he deserves with five simple ingredients: a cookie, tinted frosting, M&M’s, chocolate frosting, and sour belt candy.

Father’s Day Cookies:
Show Pop he takes top honors with a blue ribbon Father’s Day dessert. Generously cover a round cookie (ours were about 2 inches wide) with tinted frosting. Press on M&M’s. Pipe on a message using chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag with a snipped corner or in a piping bag fitted with a writing tip. Trim two pieces of sour belt candy (we used Airheads Xtremes) as shown, then place on a plate and arrange the cookie on top. Present your deserving dad his award, along with lots of hugs and kisses.

Credit: Family Fun Magazine.


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