Family Nature Walk Tips and Activities

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

Nature activities can be extremely beneficial for kids’ health and happiness, especially if the whole family is involved. Of course, kids nowadays are mostly attracted to gadgets and screens, but that can always be fixed with a bit of motivation and planning. Therefore, if you’re thinking about spending time outdoors with your loved ones, then going on a walk-in nature, here are some amazing tips that will surely help you have a great time.

1. Prepare your kids for what’s coming ahead

Children can be notoriously impatient, so it’s essential to let them know what to expect. Show them pictures of nature and give them an incentive, so they’ll feel excited and motivated to go. This is mainly important if they have never been in nature before. Also, be sure to tell them about all the fun things that you could all do together. However, be sure to make them feel included because the last thing you need is kids who refuse to cooperate. 

2. Planning things accordingly matters a lot 

Getting in the car and driving away might be tempting, but if you’re going with your family, it’s of utmost importance to plan things the right way. That means learning about the area and potential risks that await there, especially during spring and summer when there are a lot of insects buzzing around. Aside from that, you should make sure to have a plan B in case things don’t work out — so having a picnic is always a great way to relax after a long walk in nature. 

3. Don’t forget to pack all the supplies

Just because you’re not going on a camping trip doesn’t mean you don’t need to pack all the much-needed supplies such as baby wipes, insect-repeller, water bottles and hand sanitizer, just to name a few. Since you’ll be with your children, you should make sure that they have all the snacks, soft drinks and possibly toys, in case they get hungry and bored. However, it’s important to mention that kids’ feet can be sensitive, so you should ensure they have comfortable and lightweight kids sandals, so they’ll be able to walk without getting any blisters or feeling discomfort. 

4. Consider playing some games along the way

Walking in nature can be fun for those who enjoy it on a regular basis. Still, going for a walk with children is a different matter altogether, which is why it’s important to consider some entertainment options that will make walking more fun. For example, naming all the colors and plants along the way can be a great learning experience for your little ones. Aside from that, you can also organize a wet walk which is a walk during the rain. Getting wet and walking through puddles is a great adventure that many kids will find enjoyable and fun. 

5. Sharing is caring

The best way to teach your kids about nature is to share it with them, meaning, rather than telling them about various plants and animals, you should also let them experience everything. Let them touch smell, and possibly taste the plants, but always make sure they’re not poisonous. That way they’ll be able to create memorable experiences that will help them learn about everything that surrounds them in this world. 

6. Always be receptive and kind

This one is extremely valuable because being receptive means having awareness of nature and the outside world in general. If you see that kids’ attention isn’t there, it’s always better to take a break and possibly even go home. You can always come back next time and experience everything all over again. Making things interesting for kids is a sure way to have a wonderful and carefree time outdoors.


Family walk in nature is one of the best activities that you can do with your children. However, be sure to plan things neatly, and don’t forget to let them do things they enjoy. This will surely help them experience nature in an interesting, pleasant and memorable way. 

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