Experts Reveal Tips for An Amazing at Home Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning your kid’s birthday party can be a headache; finding the perfect theme, organizing the activities that will keep every guest engaged, and setting up a celebration that works for your space can bring more stress than enjoyment when the special day comes. Experts have cultivated the tips you should follow to throw the best at home kid’s birthday party for every guest involved with the help of Monique Banks and daughter Ariel Banks Baker, the duo that founded BLUEPRINT, a service that helps you create a unique party for your child’s special day. 

The Importance of Understanding you Space 

Scrolling through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest in attempts to find the perfect theme for your celebration can be great until it comes to making that layout fit the space you’re choosing to host in. Whether it be inside or out, each location is specific to the way in which activities can be done safely and successfully. Not only does BLUEPRINT help bring your child’s interests to life through their party, but it also gives you the information about how to plan for your specific and personal space, no matter where you choose to celebrate. 

Making Accommodations for the Age of your Guests 

Finding activities that are fun for specific age groups is important to the engagement and enjoyment that every party-goer should experience. Based on the information you provide to BLUEPRINT, a unique plan is created for you, including the perfect and age appropriate activities for the age range of your guests. Depending on who your guests are, BLUEPRINT creates a plan of activities and activity lengths that will hold the engagement of your guests for the perfect amount of time. 

Focus on Inclusivity and Fun 

Your child’s birthday party can be a perfect opportunity to teach some important lessons too. Some of the most important things young children can learn at an impressionable age is the magnitude of inclusivity and the appreciation of differences. Based on the theme you and your child choose or create for your special event, a plan is created for you that includes activities and teachings that display themes of inclusivity of all party guests. Each child can take what they see at a fun birthday party into other aspects of their lives too! 

Personalize for your Child’s Personality 

Especially at a young age, children have very strong opinions about what keeps them engaged and peaks their interest. Focusing on creating a party surrounding a theme that does not excite your child will not end well. Instead, with BLUEPRINT, you and your child can choose from a selection of amazing party themes that are on the website, or you and your child can work together to develop a custom theme unique to you.  Monique and Ariel know that every child is different and that is why they work to develop a party plan that is cohesive, works for your space, fits the age group, and will make every party guest excited to learn and play. 

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