Eight-year-old kidpreneur launched new soda brand this past summer!

Eight-Year-Old Kidpreneur Takes Her Classic Lemonade Stand to New Heights with Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda!
Kid-Cool Gift Packs, Plus Bulk Orders Are Available for Kid-Centric Events!

While some children look forward to using their summer break for rest and relaxation, eight-year-old Zoe Mack is using the time to flex her kidpreneur spirit and build her online, direct-to-consumer lemonade soda business. Today, she announces the launch of Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda, available in a variety of kid-centric gift packs.

Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda was idea born out of her entrepreneur parents letting her stay home from school for “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” with the only stipulation that she had to come up with her own business idea. Zoe immediately seized the opportunity to open a lemonade stand and wrangled in her parents and siblings to divvy up the work. From building the stand and creating signage to ordering supplies and having her siblings hand out flyers to classmates and neighbors, Zoe led the creative vision from start to finish. On the launch of Zoe’s Lemonade Stand on May 1 (National Lemonade Day), Zoe’s hard work paid off as more than 40 customers visited her stand, even though it was pouring with rain. She now looks forward to continuing operating Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Stand this summer.

As Zoe’s excitement over her first business grew, her parents saw the spark, and offered to invest in her next idea, Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda, a craft soda made with real cane sugar.  While her soda is meant to be enjoyed by both young and old, her primary customer is young girls, just like herself.  With that in mind, Zoe designed every aspect of her product offerings for her future customers. Zoe’s Plushie Pack includes five bottles of Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda and one adorable Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Plushie. Her 12 Pack Box is packaged in a custom-designed cardboard box that includes instructions on how to continue the fun by transforming the box into a miniature lemonade stand for dolls. Zoe even includes fun collectible Zoe’s Pink Lemonade stickers with every order.

Zoe’s Pink Lemonade 12 pack preorders launched on July 3rd, with full sales beginning July 14, 2022. Zoe explains her product best. “I made my soda for kids just like me.  It’s tastes AMAZING!  It’s perfectly sweet with just little bit of sour. You get more than an awesome pink drink when you buy it.  My small boxes can be reused as a storage box for little toys and doll clothes.  My big boxes turn into a lemonade stand for dolls.  I also created a super squishy pink lemonade plushie.  My soda makes a great gift and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”  Zoe’s favorite part about owning her own soda company is creating fun mocktails.  Her favorite so far is her Pink Lemonade Soda Slushie.  Her recipes are available on her website for customers to try themselves.

I had the opportunity to try out this awesome brand and I highly recommend it!

Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda is manufactured and bottled by a craft soda company in Connecticut.   

For more information or to purchase Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda, visit https://www.pinklemonadestand.com/. Be sure to follow @ZoesPinkLemonadeStand on Instagram and @ZoesPinkLemonade on Facebook for the latest product updates and announcements.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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