Educating Kids About Animals that Can Damage the House

When you spend time at home, you want to be able to relax and enjoy a safe environment. Naturally, when you have a family and kids in the household, this is even more important. However, there are problems that can arise when it comes to your home, as damage can be caused in a number of ways. This includes damage caused by a range of animals and pests.

As a parent, it is important to educate your children about animals and teach them to respect animals. However, you should also teach them about things such as animals that cause damage to the home. It is important for the kids to know both the good and the bad when it comes to animals, and our infographic will help you to teach them this. In this article, we will look at some of the species that you can talk to them about.

Examples of What to Talk to the Kids About

There are various species that can cause problems around the house, and it is important to speak to and educate the kids about this. Some of the species that can cause damage are:


Rodents are a common source of damage around the home, and they can cause damage in a variety of ways. It is important to inform your kids that rodents can carry disease, and this can result in health problems. In addition, they can chew through wiring, chew walls, and cause damage to belongings. On top of this, they leave droppings everywhere and this can create bad smells and an unpleasant living environment.


The key thing that skunks can do to your home is to make it smell really bad! When skunks invade your crawl space, it can result in your whole home starting to smell, and this can have a huge impact on comfort, hygiene, and quality of life when at home. The smell can get into every corner of your home through air conditioning and heating ducts and other routes.


Raccoons can cause a huge amount of destruction, and it is important to teach your kids about this. They can damage the insulation in the home, damage the wiring in the property, and cause serious damage in many other ways. In addition, they can also carry diseases, which could put your health and the health of your kids at risk.


Many kids find chipmunks really cute, which is fine. However, it is important to inform your kids about the damage that chipmunks can cause in the home if they are running amok. These animals can get into your home as a result of gaps in your foundation, which provides them with an easy access route. They can then cause a range of damage including burrowing through the walls, damaging baseboard, and also spreading serious disease.

By talking to your kids about these things, you can ensure that they are properly informed about animals and the impact that they can have on the home. 

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