Eco-Friendly Teen Skincare Line is a Must-Try!

SKWAD, founded by Elise Kandrac, was inspired by her concern for her teenagers’ self-esteem and the gender-specific nature of skincare products for young teens. The Hawaiian values are reflected in the brand’s mission. SKWAD is committed to environmental responsibility, choosing packaging and ingredients with the planet in mind. Their marine-safe formulations are custom-made, and they utilize innovative technology like recycled raw ingredients to ensure sustainability.

Elise, with strong family ties to Hawaii, prioritized environmental awareness in formulating her product range, recognizing the inherent value of sustainability and eco-consciousness in Hawaiian culture. Collaborating with award-winning formulator Nausheen Qureshi, the products were developed with a focus on environmental responsibility, addressing the potential harm of skincare ingredients in large bodies of water. Rooted in the Hawaiian ethos of ‘living pono,’ the SKWAD products align with the conscious decision to prioritize the well-being of oneself, others, and the environment, ensuring that washing one’s face won’t negatively impact the marine environment.

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