Easy Fall Mom Hacks and Must-Haves – National Lifestyle Expert, Cheryl Leahy, Offers Top Tips to Make Mom Life Easier

FunkAway is a unique odor elimination solution perfect for kids going back to sports. Whether it’s sports equipment or jerseys – FunkAway’s unique OM Complex™ breaks down odors at the source and eliminates the odor versus covering it up.

With more than 48 million kids (K-12)* returning to school this year and our world opening up again, fall trends indicate 1 in 4 of those kids have already or will return to sporting activity.** While sports provide countless physical and health benefits – health, teamwork, community, discipline – one drawback is the funky odors that come with it. The smelly equipment, clothes and bags can make your home and car unbearable. Cheryl Leahy, lifestyle mom expert, shares some easy mom hacks on how to clean and get funky smells out of sports gear quickly and effectively, a perfect solution for saving time and frustration.

Top 5 Sports Gear Cleaning Hacks

  • Make sure your washer is clean. Periodically run your wash cycle using two cups of white vinegar.
  • Wash your kids’ jerseys inside out. If you wash the jerseys inside out, you’ll avoid wear and tear on any writing or artwork on the uniform.
  • Remove the stinky smells – the first time! Use a max strength laundry booster like FunkAway along with your regular detergent, that breaks down the odors and eliminates them.
  • Get a sports hamper. Buy a hamper for sports-only gear to keep the stink and bacteria into one spot vs. letting it spread to other clothes.
  • Fumigate that smelly bedroom. Lots of times, the clothes don’t make it to the laundry room, they end up hiding in your kid’s room – which can lead to lots of funky smells. Use FunkAway odor eliminating beads to freshen up any stinky room.
  • Don’t forget about the gear that can’t go into the wash! Don’t forget to treat the stains on gear that can’t go into the wash with products like FunkAway Aerosol Spray to prevent odors from taking over your space. Perfect for shin guards, football pads and any other sports gear that needs to be refreshed.

“The versatile OM Complex™ formula in our FunkAway products are essential must-haves this fall as kids are getting back to sports,” says Kyle Bolke, CEO, FunkAway. “This proprietary complex attacks odors on a molecular level, encasing it and eliminating the funky smells. It’s great for parents who are trying to eliminate foul odors from multiple uniforms and gear, allowing them to get the “funk” out by breaking down odor at the core and eradicating it at the source versus covering it up.”

FunkAway has a solution for anything that stinks, including powerful sprays for shoes and gear you can’t put in the wash, a Max Strength Laundry Booster, and supercharged Odor Eliminating Beads that work where others fail. FunkAway offers a family of products for any odor and retail for:

FunkAway, with more than 10,000 5-star ratings, is the complete odor elimination solution, comes with a money-back guarantee and is made in the USA. To learn more, visit FunkAway.com.  

About B2Z Products and FunkAway:

B2Z Products, Inc. is headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois, and creator of FunkAway, a line of odor elimination products that remove the horrible effects of bad smells. Guaranteed to work on clothing, shoes, gear, pet products, car interiors and more, FunkAway allows users to renew and refresh, rather than throw away. Find FunkAway on Amazon and at thousands of other retailers, including Walmart, Jewel and Meijer. To learn more about FunkAway, visit funkaway.com and connect on Instagram and Facebook.

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