Ease the Transition from Bath time to Bedtime – Without the Fuss!

Your little one will love Nikki the Leopard!

Bath time can be a stressful time of day for parents- we are trying to wind down, get the kiddos clean, and create a relaxing environment for them to transition to bedtime. Most parents think that bath time is just a time to clean the kids rush through it to bedtime but there can be so many wonderful benefits to this soapy & sudsy time of day!

Founders of Frankie Dean® Dream Blankets™ and healthcare professionals, Brian and Jenavie Noggle pride themselves in knowing a lot about this time of the day since their whole motto is to ease this transition from the bath, to reading to your little one, to bedtime, resulting in a proper night’s sleep. 

Here are some benefits you can experience by embracing the bubble bath: 

  • Allow your child to take a deep breath and unwind  – Studies have shown for both adults and children a routine like bath time will notify the brain that it’s time to soothe, relax, and prepare for slumber. We like to dim the lights a bit, throw some bubbles in the bath, add scents like lavender to the water, and turn on some spa like relaxing music to chill. You can even make it fun; for Halloween you can put a small strand of orange lights on the bathroom wall and at Christmas a strand of red & green lights. We tell them it’s time for a Halloween bath and our kiddos love this time and actually look forward to it. 
  • Creates bonding time with you and your littles – When you are spending time with your children washing them, caring for them, and giving them one on one attention they love this. All kids want is 100% of parents’ attention 100% of the time, but this isn’t realistic especially for parents working from home post Covid. Most of the day as parents we are multitasking things like: phone calls, emails, texts, schedules, meals, diapers, activities, naps, etc. Shutting it all down during bath time tells your kids that they are the center of attention and this helps create feelings of closeness and bonding. 
  • Learning can be part of bath time – We like to play games during bath time like pretending the kids are chefs and we are patrons at their shop and they are making things for us like lemonade (of course we don’t drink it, lol), smoothies, and juice at the juice bar. We get them little plastic cups and teach them about measuring, pouring, colors, mixing, and last but not least bubbles. We also tell them they are scientists in their lab and they are mixing solutions for use with plastic test tubes and plastic graduated cylinders. We even find child safe color tabs to add to the water to make it interesting for them. We call different colors elements like calcium, magnesium, and potassium and make them mix them together for us. Without them even knowing they are learning about chemistry.
  • Color up the tub – You can use this time to tap into the right side of their brain having them draw and color with washable crayons. We let our little guys draw all over the tub and wall then wash it off after. We have them draw their favorite foods, their favorite dinosaurs, the planets, the sun, etc. They love this and get excited to show us the work they have completed, which gives them ownership in their work. 
  • Good time for conversation – Once your toddlers begin to speak, bath time is a great time to have end of the day conversations recapping all of the things they learned throughout the day. You can recount things you did together that day or in the past. This helps create fun memories and teaches kids to reminisce about positive things while tapping into their long term memory. This is a fun time to indulge and see the world through your little ones eyes which can create a lot of laughter. 

Whatever you do with your kiddos at bath time whether it’s bubbles, play, relaxation, fun scents, or art it helps kids slow down a bit and helps parents mental health as well by putting the phone down and relaxing. 

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Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate his post. Images were also provided.

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