Dreft is a Must-Have for those with little ones!

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Little kids are always taking off their diapers, spitting up on the carpet, spilling their food or throwing it. Just when mom thought that her favorite throw was ruined from baby poo she stole from her kids’ diaper bag. In addition to using Dreft on their clothes to remove stains, parents can use it on the carpet or fabric furniture as well. The stain remover is safe for all colorfast fabrics, works in all temperatures, and does not harm little one’s sensitive skin.

I don’t have any little ones in my home but I do have a big kid and food still ends up on clothes and on the carpet. My son also has somewhat sensitive skin. We often use Dreft laundry products. I received samples of the Dreft laundry stain remover and the Dreft to go instant stain remover and I really like that both work so well! These products are really a Must-Have for anyone with little ones and even BIG ones! The Dreft to go instant stain remover is perfect for travel too!

Check out the website for more information!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this feature post. Photo Credit: Dreft.

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