This month, revolutionary cosmetic dermatology brand dr. brandt® skincare announced that it will pay homage to its beloved founder, Dr. Fredric Brandt, with the creation of the new Dr. Brandt® Skincare Advisory Board, a groundbreaking panel of the foremost skincare specialists who are notably outstanding in their fields. Each of the experts is deeply committed to the brand’s proprietary Brandt Method, and is dedicated to attaining the highest levels of results. The Board will continue to elevate the brand, and will honor Dr. Brandt’s legacy of continually innovating the best in dermatology. Each expert chosen for the panel will have a deep understanding and respect for the brand’s tradition of scientific excellence. The panel will be comprised of the best doctors from across the globe, beginning with dermatologists at the forefront of the American skincare industry and eventually extending into key international markets like the UK, France, Korea, and Japan.

“The scope of Dr. Brandt’s work was unprecedented,” says Stephane Colleu, president and CEO, dr. brandt skincare. “To uphold his standards, we’re taking a fresh approach with a supremely talented group of experts serving as the voice of the brand. The members of the Skincare Advisory Board will help keep Dr. Brandt’s legend and presence alive in the mind of the public, and at the same time, they’ll reaffirm dr. brandt® skincare as the industry’s leading innovator.”

After months of a thorough vetting process, the first two doctors named to the Skincare Advisory Board are Dr. Whitney Bowe and Dr. Amy Brodsky, with other high-profile skincare authorities soon to be joining them. Drs. Bowe and Brodsky will bring their own unique professional insights to the brand, which will be influential in the development of new dr. brandt® skincare products. The pair will serve as a review board for the brand, sharing their perceptions of the latest breakthrough innovations and cutting-edge technologies with a level of candor unique to the industry, and for which Dr. Brandt himself was famously known. Their accessibility to the media and consumers alike furthers their role as advisory board members, providing a communication platform to speak about the brand’s newest skincare launches, as well as its iconic products.

About dr. brandt® skincare: Infused with over 30 years of Dr. Brandt’s clinical dermatology expertise, dr. brandt® skincare is the anti-aging line of choice for celebrities, beauty insiders, and real women worldwide. Inspired by The Dr. Brandt Method, the patients, and created in his labs, dr. brandt® skincare products create the subtle changes that can change everything—leaving you looking and feeling BRANDT NEW.

Credit: dr. brandt® skincare.

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