Downy Wrinkle Releaser Salutes WonderMoms

Every mom in the world can share a story that will leave mouths hanging open in shock and awe. Their real life experiences managing children, husbands, jobs and the general chaos that daily life can often dish up leaves outsiders asking these WonderMoms, how do you do it? The source of a WonderMom’s strength is one of the great mysteries of the world. To honor the sacrifices and accomplishments moms make that often go unrecognized, Downy Wrinkle Releaser is hosting the WonderMom contest asking moms to submit videos about their craziest day ever for the chance to win a girl’s getaway trip to South Beach.


The entry process is simple. Moms, grab your smartphone, video camera, tablet or computer and film a selfie or have a friend film you sharing the tale of your most crazy, unbelievable day ever as a mom. Professional editing, side effects or the perfect lighting are not necessary. The raw details of what occurred will be the deciding factor so hash up the memories of that terrible day and use it to win a relaxing spa weekend at the beach!


Sue in Florida sent in a video telling the tale of how she returned home one night after a long day at the office to find her three children engaged in a full-fledged food fight. Macaroni and cheese was plastered to the walls, furniture and floor. One child was standing on the kitchen table screaming and hurling handfuls of pasta while the family dog ran around attempting to lick up as many stray noodles as possible. Sue’s husband was in the middle of the fray attempting to regain control, but fighting a losing battle. After negotiating a ceasefire, bathing and putting her children to bed, Sue spent the next two hours scraping and scrubbing dinner of off nearly every surface in her kitchen and dining room.


Completed confessional videos about the craziest days ever should be submitted for judging on the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Facebook page. Visit, click on the WonderMom contest and upload a video. Then share the post with friends and family to increase votes for the video. The WonderMom whose video receives the most votes will win a trip for herself and a female companion for three days and three nights of relaxation at a luxury Phillipe Starck hotel in South Beach. The prize package includes round trip airfare, meals at some of Miami’s hottest restaurants, a private poolside cabana, standup paddleboard and/or surf lessons, a two-day beach fitness camp with top trainers followed by a signature massage and treatments and relaxation at the hotel’s world-renowned spa.


Entry is open to U.S. residents only. Video entries can be submitted beginning April 21, 2014. For full rules and regulations and additional contest information, visit:


Self Disclosure: SoCal City Kids is not affiliated with this contest and no compensation was received.


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