Don’t Play this game Unless You Want to Connect with your Kids!

Are you looking to get your older kids off the video games for a little while? This game just may do the trick!

WHAT’S WRONG WITH GROWN-UPS? is a question most kids would love to ask but are often too busy with video games, social media, and texting friends. Well now these inquisitive, thoughtful kids can get this question and many others answered thanks to What’s Wrong With Grown-Ups?  a new intergenerational card game from Authentic Agility Games that was created with kids and their crazy questions in mind. Similar to its first two successful card games, What’s Wrong With Grown-Ups? consists of 500 thought provoking, entertaining and often provocative questions designed specifically for curious kids and their family and friends. Available on Amazon, kids and their parents and caregivers can begin to strengthen their bond by asking open-dialog questions to get more than a “yes” or “no” response.

Following the success of her first two games, How Do You See The World? and Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?,” Florida-based entrepreneur Cathy Cranberg says that she developed this intergenerational game to stimulate conversations between kids of today, their peers and kids and adults, and as a fun and engaging way to get everyone involved. “We realized important conversations should not be separated due to age or interests, but rather encouraged at all ages”. What’s Wrong With Grown-Ups? is now available on for $24.99.

The questions included in What’s Wrong With Grown-Up? are fun, inventive, short, and to the point, given the limited attention spans of kids and teens. The rules are simple; the player rolls the dice and then selects the category that correlates with the symbol on the die. The player then asks that related question for all to answer in our own ways and words. The 500 questions are written so anyone can answer, drawing at times surprising and unique answers and fun physical challenges. The game is about cooperative play and is not focused on winning and losing, but rather offering an opportunity to drive conversations as you learn about what kids think about important topics. 

Look for it on this holiday season!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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