DOGTOLOGY: Live. Bark. Believe by Jeff Lazarus


I admit it….I am now one of those Dog parents who simply adores her pup!  So, I found the title of this book quite intriguing!

Have you ever bailed on your friends to stay home with the dog? Does your dog own more designer clothes than you? Do your Facebook and Instagram posts boast more pics of the dog than the humans in the family? Than your own human children?! Oh My Dog! You might be a Dogtologist, but don’t worry, you are in great company:

Dog-tol-o-gy (noun)

  1. The belief in Dog
  2. The system of rituals, practices, and behaviors engaged in by Dogtologists

Now, I don’t know if I take more photos of my dog than my son but yes, more than any other humans!

Why are so many humans obsessed not only with having dogs, but also with talking about dogs, watching YouTube videos of dogs, decorating their iPads with dog paw prints, even purchasing an extra cable package for Dog TV?  People devote so much time and income to grooming, training, feeding, boarding, entertaining, praising and exercising their dogs. Why? That’s what Dogtologists do!  With tongue planted firmly in cheek, DOGTOLOGY: Live. Bark. Believe by Jeff Lazarus (Publication: June 2015; Greenleaf Book Group Press; Pets/Dogs/Humor; Hardcover: $19.95) tells man’s longstanding, fanatical devotion to the dog. A whimsical, satirical celebration of the relationship between dogs and humans, Dogtology will resonate with dog lovers because they all engage in the same system of rituals, practices and behaviors personified by Dogtologists the world over.

I received a copy of this book and found it entertaining and  Yes, I found out that I am one of those Dogtologists and I may just have many friends that are too!

Each chapter in Dogtology reveals additional proof that humans have a deep connection to their four-legged furry companions. With nine chapters with titles such as:  The Book of Bones, The Book of Barks and The Book of Hydrants, along with an informative Furminology section and the Sunday School for Dogtologists that serves as the FAQ for the book, readers will undoubtedly see a reflection of their own dog loving behaviors in these pages.

This is such a fun book and would make a great book for gift giving to other Dogtologists during the holiday season. Recommend for adults. And, Yes, I do like saying that word..Dogtologists!

At this moment…I am thinking of gifts I can give my pup when he turns 1 next month!

It’s ok … enjoy your relationship with your dog. Chances are your dog considers you as the pet and most definitely enjoys taking you for a daily walk. In fact, dogs give humans the license to take all the best parts of themselves and unleash them onto the world. The moment a person snaps a collar onto the dog, it gives that person a license to a more enjoyable life with the dog– a playful, free spirit who runs naked in the grass.  A huge part of why humans love dogs, praise dogs and admire dogs is not so much for the qualities dogs possess, but for the qualities they bring out in people. So, chew on that!

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About the Author:

Inspired by his BFF, Roamy, Jeff Lazarus bonded with this stray pup who had the cutest face ever – and a personality to match. Olympic athlete, President of the Canine Mensa Society, the James Dean of dogs, and a performer, much like himself. Jeff notes, “he became my confidant, my sidekick. I found I could be truer with him than with anyone else; so I wanted to hang with him day and night. He became my refuge, my sanity, my partner in crime.”

Jeff has an MBA from Pepperdine and a B.A. in speech communication from Cal State University, Long Beach. With over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, and scientific consulting at Merck & Co. Inc., Lazarus has been inducted into the Merck Hall of Fame and is a five-time winner of the Vice President’s Award. He has taught public speaking and marketing at the university level, performed in various theater groups, played in a rock band, and coached championship youth baseball and soccer teams. Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe. is the first in a series of dog-themed empowerment books, with his next title, Listen Like a Dog: And Make Your Mark on the World publishing next year. For more information about his books and other Dogtology-themed products by Jeff Lazarus, please visit his website:

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this post.

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