Does An Unusual Photographic Image Capture the Release of the Human Soul?

Image of a Spirit cover

In the new book Image of a Spirit, Paul Williams shares what followed after he took a picture with a cell phone camera of the space surrounding his mother after she died.


Paul Williams has lived a full and adventure -filled. Life.  He graduated Harvard Phi Beta Kappa in 1965 and became an accomplished Hollywood film director, dated many beautiful women many of whom became famous in their own right. He was also a devoted son who spent the final weeks of his mom’s life with her in Manhattan. He was there with other family members when she died, on the morning of December 27, 2009.

He watched as the caring women attendants cleaned up his mom’s body and dressed her in her favorite blue shirt. He couldn’t be physical with his mother, so he kept his distance and watched the other prepare his mom for her final journey.


Having been a professional photographer, it was then, an hour and fort-five minutes after she died, that he instinctively grabbed his Blackberry smart phone and snapped a few photos looking above his mother towards the two devoted women and the beautiful, loving expressions on their respective faces as they hovered over her.


A few hours later, he uploaded the pictures to his Macbook laptop, and to his utter amazement, discovered a small–maybe six inches tall, blurry hominoid-like figure just above his mother’s body which had been captured by his cell pone camera.

Williams had taken tens of thousands of photographs in his life, had studied and even taught photography at Harvard.


But nothing prepared him for the image that was before him. The photos clearly showed a small utterly clear, distinct image of a person like entity. One of the women was bothered, even spooked by the images. They couldn’t shake the feeling that something was really weird.


Williams determined that there was no obvious conventional explanation for this small blurry figure. It could not be explained by stray reflections or other well-known optical mechanisms. That much was for certain.


What was in the photos? Was it a picture of his mother’s spirit?


Image of a Spirit is the story of Paul William’s experience as he sought to unravel the mystery of the images. Williams went on a multi-year quest to determine the possible explanations for the captured images.


He shared the photos and sought advice from several Hollywood celebrities and colleagues.

He took the photos to experts for analysis and validation. He researched the possibilities and contacted with people with the highest credentials in the fields of photography, psi research, chemistry and energy science.


He met with Dean Radin, America’s leading scentist  in the field of psi phenomenon investigation. And he met with Loyd Auerbach, author of the classic ghost image referece, the 1996 ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists.


He gave the photo to Digital Computer Photography expert Professor Harry Farid, in the Image Science Group at Dartmouth College.  Dr. Farid developed with Adobe Corp. (Photoshop) the fool-proof authenticator of digital photos –utilized by courts, the NY Times, and intelligence agencies.   Farid performed the forensic evaluation and verified the authenticity of the photo.


Can a cell phone be used to prove the soul exists?

I received a copy of this book and it really was tough to put down! It is quite an intriguing book! if you enjoy reading about the spirits and the unusual, this really is a book to read. 

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Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this feature.

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