Do you have a Super Pupz fan in your house?

Super Pupz—the Netflix original series where four superpowered pups work as a pack to help their new kid pals — and a furry alien friend — in a cute and cuddly cosmic adventure!

SUPER PUPZ NFT has now launched! If you have a fan of Super Pupz in your house, this one is a must! The NFT is COLLECTIBLE, trade-able, and affordable. The first one to launch is Zeta from the hit Netflix series ‘SUPER PUPZ.’ I had the opportunity to check this out and received Champ NFT for free.

SoCal City Kids has a special code to share! Use the code: ABInfluencer5. It is a one-time use, per customer and is available thru June 24.

This code will save them 33% off of their first NFT purchase within the Air Bud collectibles community.

Each Air Bud Entertainment Collectible NFT gives you access to our community and features exclusive content, including limited-edition video content, interactive games and physical merchandise in the future. 

So, what are you waiting for? You have to check this out! Head to

Self Disclosure: I collaborated with Netflix-Super Pupz and received a free NFT to facilitate this post. Some other form of compensation may have also been received.

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