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Parents are their children’s first teachers, and for nearly 40 years, School Zone Inc. has been setting award-winning standards for developing supplemental early learning products to help them! School Zone’s original workbooks, flash cards and other proven, research-based products designed by educators have helped millions of parents give their children an early learning advantage!  School Zone’s products are a leading choice by teachers for their own children and their students!


Now, School Zone has launched AnywhereTeacher.com, a “Digital Educational Playground” for children ages 2-8, that further expands School Zone’s easy access offerings for families to make learning anytime and anywhere simple for parents.

AnywhereTeacher.com provides a safe and trusted subscription-based, supplemental learning environment which combines the power of video with traditional learning tools such as flash cards, games, interactive worksheets and printable activities. AnywhereTeacher.comprovides the most effective experience for children to learn essential concepts in a simple and safe environment.  Parents can manage their child’s activities and view their progress, creating an opportunity to discuss improvement and learning goals.


AnywhereTeacher.com also features the live-action/animated, educational series Charlie & Company, starring golden retriever Charlie and his teacher Miss Ellie, empowering preschoolers with the skills they need to succeed in school.  Anywhere Teacher Miss Ellie guides children through learning “school zone” adventures, exploring fun places and solving “puzzle it out” questions, while reinforcing letters, numbers, crafts, fitness, music and more.


AnywhereTeacher.com is compatible with most desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and platforms; and subscribing is just as simple. Parents can purchase from iTunes, Google Play or PayPal to gain access from any device. Starting at just $6.99 per month, there’s no limit on the number of devices that can simultaneously access the site among family members in the same household.


Customers who sign up for a free trial of AnywhereTeacher.com will receive a welcome gift mailed to their child. In addition, an AnywhereTeacher.com subscription will include occasional membership rewards of discount coupons and free gifts, such as a Charlie & Company coloring book, a Try-n-Spy activity workbook, or a Start to Read! book.


AnywhereTeacher.com expands families’ options and features a robust array of original content including: 


Video:  More than 200 videos teach children early learning skills through entertainment without them even realizing it!  Classic, live-action, animation and clay animation content make learning fun. Topics encompass discovery; letters and numbers; shapes and colors; words and phonics; health and fitness; and wellness and nutrition.


Charlie & Company:  This live-action/animated, educational series starring golden retriever Charlie and his teacher Miss Ellie (played by the award-winning actress Danielle Augustine) empowers preschoolers with the skills they need to succeed in school.  Anywhere Teacher Miss Ellie guides children through learning “school zone” adventures, exploring fun places and solving “puzzle it out” questions, while reinforcing letters, numbers, crafts, fitness, music and more. Featuring original music by multiplatinum-selling front man for The Verve Pipe, Brian Vander Ark.


Start to Read! Book Series:  Over 60 digital Start to Read! books featuring read-along audio tracks, teach children how to read.  Each beautifully illustrated book provides picture clues to help beginning readers associate pictures with words. Level-specific vocabulary books feature charming storylines and relatable themes.


Flash Cards: A proven way to memorize information, apply important concepts and stimulate active recall, the site’s interactive flash cards emphasize FUN by combining sound and motion! Quick, easy and self-directed, flash cards prove virtually unbeatable in helping to master essential math and spelling proficiency skills.


Games:  Pure fun for kids instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment while keeping them excited and engaged as they sharpen spelling, thinking, math and vocabulary skills, as well as eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.


Interactive Worksheets:  Help kids gain important skills with quick, fun, self-correcting activities. As children practice telling time, counting coins, working with fractions and more, they also practice listening and following directions.


Printables:   A great way for kids to get additional practice with pen and paper while reinforcing the skills they learn online.  Writing on paper helps kids to focus and develop fine motor skills.


Songs:  With original songs created by renowned singer-songwriter Brian Vander Ark, of the American rock band The Verve Pipe, kids explore the spectrum of musical styles, from hip-hop and rock to folk and country, with easy-to-memorize lyrics.


Additionally, under the Anywhere Teacher banner, the Little Scholar Mini is the new seven-inch, fun-sized version of its multiple award-winning (Parent’s Choice, Pal Award, Family Choice) parent tablet for children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, programmed with over 70 apps, e-books, songs and videos to help build readiness skills, focusing on early reading and math, to last a lifetime.  The tablet also features the interactive, preschool series Charlie & Company.







Credit: School Zone Inc.

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