Devoted Doggy Bucket Front Seat Cover for Dogs


Do you have a Dog who likes to be your co-pilot? Are you worried about your passenger car seat staying clean? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then the Devoted Doggy Bucket Front Seat Cover for Dogs is for you! I love the Deluxe Waterproof Quliting and how easy the seat cover is to install and also to remove and re-install. Our pup doesn’t always sit in the front seat, but this one really comes in handy when he does. (He prefers to sit in the back with my son most of the time!) But, my favorite two things are that the cover stays put. It has an unique Non-Slip Backing which reduces the chance of the cover sliding. I am happy to see that this really does work. I am very impressed with this product and also over all, with this company. You  may remember I also reviewed their back seat cover not too long ago!


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Self Disclosure: I received this product free or discounted in exchange for an unbiased review. It was quite easy to give this one 5 stars and it exceeded my expectations.

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