Desert Baths by Darcy Pattison

How do you stay clean without water? Watch the vulture bask in the morning sun, the roadrunner kick up a cloud of dust, the javelina wallow, and the bobcat give her cub a licking with a rough tongue in Desert Baths. As the sun travels across the sky, learn how twelve different desert animals face the difficulties of staying clean in a dry and parched land. Explore the desert habitat trough its animals and their habits of hygiene. Told in lyrical prose, this story is a celebration of the desert lands of the American Southwest.

We received this book from our friends at Sylvan Dell Publishing and my son and I really enjoyed the educational aspect of this story. It gives you a realistic and entertaining view of the desert lands and its animals. Great for ages 4-8 but suitable for children slightly younger or older. Teachers and parents will love the educational section, as with all Sylvan Dell books. This one includes activities such as Deserts in North American and Hands On: Telling Time By The Sun’s Position. You can also find 60-70 pages of cross-curricular Teaching Activities and three Interactive Reading Comprehension and Math Quizzes on the Desert Baths’ homepage to help parents and educators create more educational opportunities.

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