Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Helps Children Learn to ‘Stop and Go’ When They Need to Use the Potty

“When you have to go potty, STOP…and go right away. Flush, wash…and be on your way!”
On March 4, PBS KIDS will air a very special episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood called “Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty/Daniel Goes to the Potty” (check local listings). It can be challenging for small children to step away from playing and go to the bathroom when the need strikes. This episode follows Daniel and his friends as they learn how important it is to stop and go right away – and that there are bathrooms in the neighborhood they can use, too. Below are some tips inspired by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to help your little tiger take a break and go without delay!

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  • Set a “Potty Time” Schedule – Encourage your child to use the bathroom at set times during the day – like after waking up in the morning, before or after a meal or just before leaving the house or going to bed. It will help them stay on schedule, while keeping accidents to a minimum.


  • ·         STOP…and “GO” Right Away – Young children can get so engaged in activities and play that it’s sometimes tough for them to remember to take a bathroom break. Before you know it, an accident ensues. It helps preschoolers if you reinforce that it’s important to take a bathroom break as soon as they have to “go” – and reassure them that their toys will be there for them to play with as soon as they’ve “flushed, washed…and are on their way.”


  • ·         Keep them “Going” – Periodically reminding your child to use the toilet will help them get into the habit of thinking about the potty and assist in heading off accidents before it’s too late.


  • ·         Time to “GO” – Some families find that setting a timer is a fun way to remind them and their child that it’s time to take a break from what they’re doing and visit the potty.


  • ·         Accidents Happen – Occasional accidents are inevitable for preschoolers, and though they may be inconvenient, they can also be important teaching moments for your child. Try to stay calm and patient, putting the emphasis on their potty successes so far, while gently reminding your child to start a trip to the toilet a little earlier next time.


And don’t forget to “STOP” and “GO” tune-in to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with your preschooler, Tuesday, March 4, on PBS KIDS!



  1. 🙂 my 3 year old loves this show

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