DADS (And MOMS!) for More Changing Tables in Public Restrooms!

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Last year, Ashton Kutcher championed a cause for changing tables to be made available in men’s public restrooms in Target, Costco and other retailer and restaurants.


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Thousands of people empathized with his cause and jumped on the bandwagon to support his effort. As with any news story, it came and went, but we think it is still an important cause that parents need to build awareness around, not just at the big retails, but the local restaurant in your neighborhood or small business you frequently visit with your kids.


Koala Kare is making it possible for dads…and moms…to be an advocate for this cause by creating a place for parents to get information, create more awareness and direct their local establishment to resources and information to have a changing table available if they do not.

Did you know that 75% of parents seek out establishments that have child accommodating amenities? And that includes changing tables.

Dr. Mary Ellen Renna, MD, FAAP offers the following tips on what to pack in your diaper bag for a day out with baby:

1. Bottles and formula. If bottles are pre-made be sure to place them in a freezer pack bag so milk and formula stay fresh particularly, during the warmer months.
2. Pack diapers and always carry extra. Earth’s Best carries a line of Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers that are
3. Alcohol free wipes are recommended. For sensitive babies stay with unscented.
4. Carry a changing pad or blanket to protect the baby from germs particularly, when using a changing table in a public restroom. Petite Namaste carries a great line of portable changing pads that are great for on the go and easy to clean.
5. After the diaper change be sure to wash the babies hands with a little soap and water before they put their hands in their mouth. Soap and water is always best but, if you only have a hand sanitizer available than be sure to wipe the babies hands after with some a towel after applying.
6. For diaper rash a diaper cream with zinc oxide is recommended over the petroleum based formulas.
7. Always pack a change of clothes. SOZO makes an adorable and comfortable line of clothing for babies that are kid and parent friendly. Also pack some type of toy, teething ring or pacifier to keep baby happy and occupied.
8. Sunblock is essential, but should be applied to children six months and older. The SPF should be between 30 and 50 (parents should try and avoid the ingredient oxybenzone). Babies that are six months and under should avoid the sun. Wearing a hat, clothing and being in the shade is always the best protection.
9. For older babies carry healthy snacks. The less processed the food the better. Cut up fruits or vegetables. Peppers or edamame are two favorites for the older toddlers who can chew. Blueberries or cut up strawberries are also very portable and a great choice.
10. Keep Motrin and/or Tylenol for any emergencies. Be sure to consult with your physician beforehand for any questions. Pack any medications in a ziplock bag so baby cannot get into itis a board certified pediatrician, mother, spokesperson, radio host and author. Her latest parenting book is “10 Steps to (Almost) Perfect Parenting” offers lots of helpful advice for parents.

Dr. Mary Ellen Renna, MD, FAAP is a board certified pediatrician, mother, spokesperson, radio host and author. Her latest parenting book is “10 Steps to (Almost) Perfect Parenting” offers lots of helpful advice for parents. Please see more info here.

We have teamed up with Petite Namaste and SOZO for a Giveaway!

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Self Disclosure: Credit: Koala Kare. No compensation was received. SoCal City Kids will select the winner via Article credit: Huffington Post. Giveaway: Petite Namaste and SOZO.


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