Counting On A Healthier Snack to Help Get Through Tax Season:

             Accountants & Consumers Stressing Over April 15 Deadline Can Win Crunchies!

Recognizing just how emotionally as well as financially taxing the weeks leading up to April 15 are for millions of financial planners and everyday Americans, freeze-dried fruit and veggie snacks leader Crunchies is introducing “Crunching The Numbers.” The two-part online promotion launches March 15 and concludes April 30, 2014.

Accountants and tax consultants are invited to email or post a 50 word or less note explaining why crunching the numbers is especially stressful this time of year and why they often turn to fattening snacks to help them get through the long hours and even longer tax forms. Email: or connect on: Facebook or Twitter.

The first 100 CPAs and tax consultants who send in emails with a shipping address along with easily verifiable proof that they’re in the financial planning industry will not only each win free Crunchies product, but also vie for a Grand Prize Gift Basket including Crunchies product as well as such fun Crunchies swag items as a shirt, hat, water bottle and more!

Crunchies is concurrently inviting all tax-paying U.S. consumers to send in 50 words or less on why the stresses and long hours leading up to April 15 likewise prompt them to consume an especially large amount of fattening and unhealthy snacks. The first 100 entries will similarly win free Crunchies product and vie for a Grand Prize Gift Basket (consumers need to remember to include their shipping address to receive their free Crunchies!).

Crunchies’ new “Crunching The Numbers” promotion will be driven primarily through the company’s robust social media channels. It was created to put a positive spin on the notion of number crunching during tax season by highlighting the all-natural satisfying and healthy crunchy appeal of Crunchies snacks that are naturally low fat with no preservatives or unhealthy additives, when compared to high-fat snacks such as potato chips.

Commenting on the “Crunching The Numbers” promotion, Crunchies’ Director of Marketing Jessi Brennan said, “Working on tax forms can be a long and laborious process which many people try to alleviate by eating high-fat, low-nutrition snacks that add to their weight and subtract from their overall well-being. That’s not healthy math! This promotion was created to encourage anyone stressing over Tax Day to instead grab a bag of delicious and nutritious Crunchies freeze-dried fruits and veggies – a snack that always adds up to a healthier and more satisfying treat.”

Crunchies are made in the U.S.A. through a unique freeze-drying process in which individually frozen fruits and vegetables are placed in a refrigerated vacuum chamber that removes up to 97% of the moisture. This special process gives Crunchies their crunchy texture and allows them to retain on average, 90%-94% of their original nutrients and virtually all nutritious enzymes. (Air drying retains an average of only 45% maximum of nutrients.) Plus, Crunchies are typically more nutritious than even fresh produce, unless the fruits and veggies are eaten shortly after picking!

Self Disclosure: Crunchies sponsored feature.

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