Coloring for Adults? Yes, please! A great way to help with stress!

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Since 2013, coloring books targeted to adults have topped bestselling charts, selling more than 1.5 million copies in over twenty-two languages. Five of the top thirty titles on Amazon’s bestseller list are coloring books aimed at adults. Skyhorse Publishing’s first four adult coloring books featuring the paisley and mandala motifs have already sold out four printings, selling at bookstores like Barnes & Noble, on Amazon, and at specialty stores like Michael’s Arts & Crafts and A. C. Moore.


Not unlike the adult summer camps and wine-and-painting parties that have surged in popularity over the last couple of years, coloring is a nostalgic activity that allows people to unplug and fend off the stresses of daily life. With our screen-weary culture, it’s no surprise that adult coloring events have begun to pop up across the US attracting “colorists” to unplug and unwind in social settings.


The recent surge in adult coloring is not just attributed to nostalgia but also its therapeutic effects. Coloring encourages creativity without the intimidation of staring at a blank page. In fact, research suggests that coloring within a premade design might help fight anxiety.  Clinical psychologist Kimberly Wulfert of explains that “In coloring, you’re being mindful, and when you move in a rhythmic fashion for an extended period of time, that becomes a meditation.”


Unlike most coloring books, Skyhorse’s books have sixteen pages of full color for inspiration along with perforated pages, allowing budding artists to photocopy, gift, or display their beautiful creations! This twelve-book series features vibrant illustrations and detailed introductions highlighting the histories of the motifs, including paisley, mandala, art nouveau, zen, mehndi and whimsical designs.


Whether you’re interested in the mindfulness movement, in therapy for seniors, or in a business trend that’s dominating the book business, adult coloring books are hot!


For a world full of stress, there is no simpler way to unplug and relax!

I have always loved to color and it has always been a calming thing for me to do. I am not surprised that there are now coloring books for adults. I received samples of Skyhorse’s books and was quite impressed with all the different creative designs. I am now planning to give a few friends these amazing books during the holiday time! 

Here are a few of my favorites that you can download and color!

coloring page paisley 2

coloring page paisley 1

coloring page mandala 3

You can purchase at and Indiebound.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Press info, photos and download links were provided by Skyhorse.

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