Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

With so many dog varieties and breeds to choose from, it can feel like an overwhelming venture to find the right fit for your family. The main point to remember is that your chosen dog needs to be best suited for your lifestyle, children and financial capabilities.

When looking to choose a new, welcome addition to your family, consider the following questions.

Which Type of Coat Would You Prefer?

A lot of individuals would only be open to a dog which doesn’t malt, such as a poodle. While opting for a dog which doesn’t shed its hair is a beneficial idea regarding cleaning, it also significantly limits the breeds of dog you can choose.

Some breeds also shed a considerable amount of hair more than others, and naturally the larger you go, the more hair there is to shed.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that longer-haired dogs should put you off. There is always the option for professional grooming services like Heart + Paw, which mean that your dog’s coat and general, healthy condition will always be maintained in order to best keep your home (and your pet) tidy and clean.

What Exercise Commitment Are You Looking For?

It’s important to understand how much of an active lifestyle certain dogs need, and whether you can confidently fit this into your daily routine. When it comes to healthy exercise for your dog, you can’t afford to cut any corners – as the proper amount of exercise not only cares for your dog’s health, but it avoids pent up energy and frustration which may be taken out on your belongings, or even others.

The husky is a very popular breed, for example, but many people don’t understand the demands of this dog regarding exercise. Huskies enjoy long walks, and the more the better. Many dog breeds, such as the popular Labrador, are completely manageable in their exercise needs, but if you’re looking for the smallest commitment possible, very small dog breeds which don’t need much outside exercise may be preferable to you.

Would You Like a Puppy or an Adult Dog?

Most families, especially those with small children, love the idea of bringing home an adorable little puppy and watching it grow. However, puppies are extremely demanding, and raising one goes beyond their cuteness and puppy-dog eyes. Puppies are very destructive, messy and need round the clock care to enable them to grow and be trained adequately.

If you simply cannot commit to this need, you may want to consider an adult dog which is already trained and established. Many adult dogs in shelters will be looking for a new and loving home.

Would You Prefer Male or Female?

When it comes to the traits of a male or female dog, there is no conclusive answer regarding their personalities – but you can naturally expect a female to be more aggressive and protective if she has her own puppies. When deciding between a male and female dog, the main area to focus on is future breeding possibilities, as with a female dog you will therefore have the possibility of your female falling pregnant and giving birth to pups. You also should be aware that female dogs may bleed when in heat.

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