Chocolate, Aug. 6th Pet of the Week!

Chocolate didn’t always look this yummy. The 4-year-old male seal-point Siamese beauty came to our shelter in horrible shape. The staff believe he was hit by a car. Our incredible medical team, staff and volunteers immediately jumped in to care for this special kitty and in return, they have never experienced so much love and appreciation from one animal! Chocolate is a special-needs cat: he’s FIV-positive, which means he has an immunodeficiency virus, and he has a slight skin condition. He’ll need extra-special attention, and with it, he’ll have every chance of living a long life, during which time you’ll experience all that sweet-Chocolate love! Because the shelter is closed to the public, adoption appointments are conducted through email, so contact to meet and savor Chocolate. Ask for ID#A644578.

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