Children’s Book Author Asks Would You Adopt a Pink Dog?

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America loves its 83.3 million dogs but for some five million dogs that enter shelters each year, who will love them?

A new children’s book, The Painted Pilgrim by Dale Ryan (Breeze Hill Books, January 2015), shines a light on the dog adoption process and shows us why we should take care of dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds.  The main character, Pellegrino, is a pink dog, and the shelter seeks to find him a good home while warding off dog owners with bad intentions.

“Some five million dogs will enter a shelter this year and 3.5 million will not make it out,” notes author and animal photographer Ms. Dale Ryan.  “I hope my book inspires more dog adoptions, especially of dogs that aren’t perfect or pure breeds, such as mutts, less favored breeds or those with a disability or perceived shortcoming.”

In her book, Dale shares the following insight:

  • How dogs have become America’s #1 pet
  • What dogs teach us – and give back to us
  • How we can advance the pet-adoption movement
  • The valuable lessons children learn from a dog adoption
  • Advice for people debating whether to adopt a dog

I received a book to review and love this book! My family is currently considering adopting a puppy so I found this book very helpful. This is great for children but is also great for the whole family! I also like the subtle lesson  in the book that you can’t always “judge a book by its cover”, so to speak. It’s also a very heartwarming story with a very happy ending! I highly recommend this book. It truly is a must-read and also love the questions to ask children at the end of the book.

About the author:

Dale Ryan is a dog-loving photographer and writer. Her debut book, Sleeping With the Beast, a coffee table photo-essay book, was featured in the Los Angeles Times Summer Reading List of 2012 and mentioned in the New York Post. Dale, who has owned some 15 dogs over the years, has two sons and resides in Litchfield, Connecticut, with her husband and two dogs, Clementine and Rupert. Read more about her and the book here:

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to post. I received a free book in exchange for an unbiased review.


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