Children Go Face-to-Face with a Giant Pacific Octopus!

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Wildlife photographer and environmental educator David FitzSimmons is on a mission to get children to fall in love with animals of the ocean by making reading as engaging and educational as a swim in the sea. His new book, Curious Critters Marine, the third book in his popular Curious Critters series, is being released on April 22, Earth Day 2015. And it’s bound to make a splash!

We received a copy of this book to review and even my 11-year old son loved it! He was especially happy to see that Horseshoe Crabs are in the book because it is so difficult to find amazing children’s marine books with even the mention of them. I recommend for children (and parents) of all ages! The illustrations are amazing and the educational information is superb!


FitzSimmons is at the forefront of environmental education. He produces exquisitely-detailed, upclose photography of amazing animals that inhabit the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Through stunning photography, children go face-to-face with animals ranging from a spectacular spoonbill to an incredible blue lobster, from a tufted puffin to an upside-down jellyfish, and from a baby sea turtle to a giant Pacific octopus.

“Children are mesmerized as they stare eye-to-eye with a crab, a cormorant, or an octopus. I try to photograph the animals on eye-level so kids can connect emotionally with the critters,” said FitzSimmons. “The goal is to foster children’s biophilia—to get young readers to fall in love with nature.” displays more Curious Critters photos and provides information about how FitzSimmons photographed the animals, as well as insight about how he write his books.

This book really is a Must-Buy!

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit: FitzSimmons.



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