Chicken and Beef Taquitos from Red’s are a Must this Summer!


Looking for a quick lunch or snack this Summer?

For a grab-and-go snack, Red’s has you covered with their New Taquitos!

Available in chicken or shredded beef, these easy eats are the perfect solution to an empty snack tray. Both flavors have 10 grams of protein per serving. The taquitos are finished with a sprinkle of cheese and hand rolled in flour tortillas.

I recently tried the Chicken ones and I really like them! I love that they have a sprinkle of cheese and they taste fresh! I am already a big fan of their frozen burritos and the New Taquitos are a new favorite of mine!

Look for them at a store near you this Summer!


Self Disclosure: I received free coupons to purchase the Taquitos in store and photos were provided. 

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