Celebrity Stylist Janet Zeitoun Debuts New! Hair Care Brand SOTAH


Janet Zeitoun, world renowned celebrity hair stylist with clients from the late Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson to Denzel Washington and Natalie Cole, globally debuts her first hair care line. As a leader in the industry for over two decades, Janet Zeitoun’s NEW! SOTAH (State of the Art Hair) hair care line boasts luxurious salon-quality products that offer perfectly moisturized locks and healthy, natural shine. NEW! SOTAH hair care line consists of three key products that deliver not only the ultimate level of moisture to strands, but repair damaged hair and protect against further harm. From heat styling, harsh chemical treatments (like Keratin) to bleaching and coloring, hair can be put through the proverbial ringer. The exclusive formulas found in SOTAH products quench hair and bring vitality, vibrance and pure shine back to each and every strand. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, the line is sulfate-free and infused with restorative ingredients making it safe for all hair types and textures. With five years of extensive scientific development and over 100 complex trials to achieve the perfect formula, SOTAH’s unique delivery system includes everything you need to help combat hair deficiencies. The secret behind the success of SOTAH is the diverse combination of amino acid derived ingredients. This discipline creates the necessary building blocks to gift the hair follicles and shafts ultimate moisture and conditioning benefits without leaving hair weighed down and limp. The exclusive formula recognizes where hair needs hydration and bonds to the strands to seal in moisture and create natural shine; repairing even the most unruly textures, in just one use. The proof is in the results. “Through all of my years in the hair industry, I knew there was something missing in the products I was using on my clients,” states SOTAH creator and celebrity hairstylist Janet Zeitoun. “I made it my mission to find the solution and provide people with multiple hair types, including those chemically treated, the answer to beautiful, manageable hair. With a simple approach to the everyday needs of busy people – a wash and go philosophy that offers a gorgeous end result is what prompted my years of research bringing SOTAH products to market.” Performance tested and approved for all hair types and multiple hair textures, SOTAH products have proven to work above and beyond the promised benefits. Proven time and again, SOTAH products assist in extending the life of chemical treatments like Keratin by keeping hair balanced in nutrients and moisture, thus saving you time and money on maintenance. From cleansing, softening and detangling to everything in between – all you need is SOTAH in your daily hair care routine.

“I didn’t just create ‘products’ – what I created are must-have products…” – Janet Zeitoun.

I agree! I received samples of the products in this line-up and they really are a beauty must-have! My favorite is the Conditioning Shampoo! I have color treated hair and it left my hair feeling clean and very soft! I really did notice a different after using these hair products.

More info about the line up:
CONDITIONING SHAMPOO: Regardless of how difficult your hair texture is, NEW! SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo will make it more manageable. This multi-tasking, sulfate-free, amino acid based shampoo, simultaneously cleans and conditions by depositing directly into the hair cuticles. Co-washing is the first step in bringing hydration back into your hair from the roots to the ends, while deeply cleansing at the same time. With the ultimate ‘wash-n-wear’ attitude, the end result is supple, sheen infused and manageable – passing the toughest test of all – the air dry test. With extraordinary levels of moisture retention, NEW! SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo reduces mechanical damage caused by combing and/or brushing and helps to prevent breakage and split ends. Highly concentrated, this product offers an increased number of conventional washings per bottle. Paraben & sulfate free; safe for all hair types, $22.00.

MOISTURE BOOST CONDITIONER: Moisture is one of the key elements to achieving great performing hair when properly conditioned. NEW! SOTAH Moister Boost Conditioner has been formulated to deliver smooth, hydrating results to all textures with nourishing coconut oil, kale oil and aloe vera. In combination with ingredients like Panthenol & other naturally-occurring humectants and emollients, it helps to fortify and revitalize even the most challenged hair. With hydrophilic and hygroscopic chemical structured ingredients, water is attracted and binds to molecules, thus offering lasting moisture. Hair becomes stronger, protected and balanced; light reflects gorgeously, offering a natural gloss and shine married with static-free manageability. When used in conjunction with SOTAH Conditioning Shampoo, your hair receives an upgrade in hydration. Perfect for damaged hair that needs some special attention. Paraben free; safe for all hair types, $22.00.

OIL/CRÈME THERAPY: If your hair is combating the drying affects due to environmental wear, bleaching, coloring and straightening treatments, NEW! SOTAH Oil/Crème Therapy minimizes damage and locks in moisture needed for healthy, beautiful hair. Obliterate frizz and achieve the ultimate smooth and satiny finish you’ve always dreamed of with this product’s mixture of coconut oil and kale extracts. Oil/Crème Therapy the unique combination of both oil and select conditioning ingredients, when applied sparingly to strands, offers a flexible, touchable feel with maximum shine payoff. Paraben free; safe for all hair types, can be used wet or dry, $26.00.

The SOTAH Hair Care Line is available for purchase at http://www.sotahhair.com.

ABOUT SOTAH: SOTAH (acronym for STATE OF THE ART HAIR) is an expression of beauty and lifestyle. With a discerning whisk of a few strands, a new era of style can be born. It can mimic the past, cultivate the present, and sculpt the future. Before a strand is brushed, SOTAH philosophy begins from within. SOTAH prides itself in establishing a healthy foundation for achieving individual goals in hair care, trend, and style. SOTAH is the balance of chemistry, design,
challenges of the modern day individual. Hair has been an expression since the beginning of time. SOTAH will always strive to continue that expression. SOTAH is not about wearing a style – it’s about wearing you at your best ABOUT JANET ZEITOUN: For nearly 20 years, Janet Zeitoun has been designing the hair of some of the world’s most famous superstars. Janet Jackson has said, “Her [Zeitoun’s] talent is rare and exceptional.” Zeitoun’s longtime clients also include Denzel Washington and Natalie Cole, and the late Michael Jackson. As one of Hollywood’s top hairstylists, she has traveled the globe alongside A-List celebrities, influencers and executives who trust in the unparalleled skills and integrity of Zeitoun. Her encyclopedic knowledge of products and techniques are the signature of her genius.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to post. Photo Credit and press info was provided.


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