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Shimmer-Bright-Pink-Pearls-Jar-Copy1 15002-8oz-Shimmer-Blue-Gumballs-Peg-Bag-CopyWhite SixletsShimmer-Pink-Sixlets-Peg-Bag-Copy04006-14-oz-Shimmer-Powder-Blue-Sixlets-Peg-Bag-Copy1

Looking for a great way to decorate cakes, cookies and more when baking? Looking for a yummy candy coated chocolate? The Celebration by SweetWorks® line has many delicious and colorful options available in multiple sizes to both candy lovers and bakers alike! We received samples of this delicious line up and they were a big hit in our house! We made a cake with them..or I should say my son and husband did! (See photo below) and I have to admit I don’t know who likes the delicious Sixlets better..me or my son!


Celebration by SweetWorks® includes the following:

·     Pearls™ – Tiny balls of sugar available in a beautiful range of colors, specifically designed for decorating and baking. Available in peg-able bags and in Shaker jars.

·     Sixlets® – Individual Colors of Sixlets® Candy Coated Chocolatey Candies add a splash of color and chocolate, available in peg-able bags and Shaker jars.

·     Gumballs – Available in several sizes, each gumball has a flavor to match its color! They are also available in a peg-able bag.

·     Candies – Include wide variety of shapes to add a festive touch to any occasion. The Candies available include hearts, stars, wedding bells, pacifiers and many others for all occasions.

·     Chocolate – Individually wrapped, all natural, premium milk chocolate shapes wrapped in beautifully colored, high quality foils, dressing America’s favorite candy-chocolate, for any occasion.

Colors, colors and more colors are available in the sweet spectrum of offerings by Pearls™, Sixlets® and Gumballs. In addition, Celebration by SweetWorks® is pleased to introduce its newest color collection –Shimmer™!  The Shimmer™ products are unique in the market, and are the only ones to offer this beautiful, glistening shine that adds fun and elegance to baked goods, candy buffets, party decorations and many other occasions.

Celebration by SweetWorks® offers a sweet for everyone with its family of premium confections.  Whether its colorful and glistening Pearls™, Sixlets® and Gumballs, its Candies available in numerous shapes and colors or its array of first-rate Chocolates that offer more color dressed in their premium colored foils, Celebration by SweetWorks® will sweeten the day for all candy lovers and bakers this season! For more information, check out the SweetWorks® website!

We have teamed up with our friends at SweetWorks® for a Sweet Summer Giveaway! I am excited to announce that there will be 3 winners who will win their own Sweet Celebration Package which will include pink, white and blue Gumballs, Sixlets and Pearls! Now, how sweet is that?! You must be a subscriber to enter! Next, like the Sweetworks Facebook Page! Then leave us a comment below telling us what you are looking forward to this month of summer! The beach? The pool? Vacation? Let us know! Deadline to enter is August 10th. 2013. 3 winners will randomly be selected from all entries!


  1. Christy T says

    yum! Well…I am going on vacation this month! So..looking forward to going to Hawaii! 🙂

  2. My brother is visiting..so looking forward to being a big sister the rest of the month in person..lol.

  3. Tomorrow is my Birthday! 🙂

  4. days at the beach!

  5. Barbara T says

    going to catalina this weekend!

  6. Love that cake!! NY? 🙂 I will be visiting NY in August!

  7. Shayna Wells says

    Also love that cake with the blue pearls! I’m looking forward to just being at the beach doing nothing for a week!

  8. Jenn teruya says

    My daughter goes back to school in the middle of the month, so we are making the most of out last weeks of summer, pool bowling, beach…

  9. I can’t wait to send my little one back t school!! I know, I know, but we do so much fun stuff for her class IE, cupcakes for birthdays, and Ice cream parties….Too fun!!

  10. I love summer time and love being a new mom!

  11. no work for two weeks!!!

  12. just enjoying the rest of summer vacation!

  13. Jennifer A says

    what a cute cake! I look forward to one more month of summer time with my daughter!

  14. love summer!

  15. enjoying summer vacation!

  16. Heather Wells says

    love beach time!

  17. love these candies! Cake is cool! Summer is so much fun!

  18. love the cake! Impressive! I love summer and looking forward to my wedding day!

  19. great cake of NY! I love beach time in the summer! What great products!

  20. vacation time!

  21. I love summer! What a great idea for cake decorating!

  22. love summer and when I have time off from work!

  23. what a great cake! We love summer vacation…beach days, movies..lol.

  24. love summer and the beach!

  25. I love summer and going to the beach! These sound great for baking!

  26. Tabitha O says

    Love the cake! I love summer days at the beach.

  27. JUst playing and relaxing with my kids!

  28. Abigail W says

    just time at the beach!

  29. Christy T says

    fun at the beach!

  30. I look forward to Fiesta Week here in SB. I love all the festivities.

  31. We’re just looking forward to moseying around the house and gardening (and making cup cakes!)

  32. Cindy Lou says

    I love pajama mornings with my daughter and hikes with the family.

  33. I am looking forward to using the pool!

  34. Congrats Julie W, Tina G and Tammy S! 🙂 Giveaway has ended but stay tuned..another sweet giveaway coming up soon!

  35. Woot WOOT!! Yay for us winners ;0)

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