2012 Summer of Music Free Concerts on The Pier


Saturday, August 4, 2012, 6 – 8pm – The Hi-Lo Playboys – Western Swing
Thursday, August 9, 2012, 6 – 8pm – El Blamo – Latin/Fusion Jazz    [Read more…]

All Together Now Teens & Pre-Teens Sing the Beatles

All Together Now is a fun CD for kids and is the sequel to the first release, All You Need Is Love. My son and I received this CD from our friends at Music For Little People and we enjoy listening to it together.  It has many of the classic Beatles songs such as “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “All You Need Is Love”, and of course “All Together Now.” It’s not the Beatles but it is fun to listen to and it is great for kids ages 4-8. It’s unique and just simply fun! Although, I still prefer the Beatles (and most adults will), this is great for the kids! Timeless songs that they will want to listen to again and again. For more information, check out the label’s website! Looking to purchase the CD, you can find it at Amazon.com for $8.14.

Music Review of the Week: Catch A Wave: Beach Songs for Kids

Catch A Wave: Beach Songs for Kids is simply fun for young kids! So, this isn’t quite as “cool” as the Beach Boys, but it has catchy classic songs that are sure to bring back childhood memories for Mom and Dad and kids will enjoy the catchy tunes.  Fun songs such as Catch A Wave, Surfin’ Safari, Little Old Lady from Pasadena and Surfin’ U.S.A ..you may even find yourself singing along! Younger kids will enjoy the classic sing-along beach songs even if it isn’t the Beach Boys. We received this fun CD from our friends at Music For Little People. You can purchase the CD at Amazon.com If you would like more information about the record label, check out their website!