Can Music Help Parents Raise Kids Who Are Caring, Empowered and Inspired?

It’s a given that music has the power to heal and inspire people. When the day (or your life situation, or the times) get you down, you know that the sound of music can help pull you through.
It works for children, too. Parents and kids, who are bombarded daily with negative and scary media messages, are looking for ways to amplify their attempt to live a happy and meaningful life.
Music not only improves one’s personal life, it can also plant the idea that each person can make a difference in the wider world. Call it self-esteem or empowerment, empathy or “woke”-ness, these are qualities we all want children to gain as they grow. When people are joyful and inspired, they gain strength to move forward and do great things. 

Today’s family music artists, who work and perform with children every day, know how influential their lyrics and melodies can be. Recent releases provide proof of how even the simplest song can resonate with young listeners. As blogger Jeff Cohen noted at the start of 2017, even the worst days can improve with a good song: “You don’t have to be happy to be optimistic and that’s the promise of children’s music. Broke a toy? Split your time between mommy and daddy? Scared of new foods? Kids can change emotions in the span of a drumbeat. It may only take one note of a special song from a fun performer.”


Parents’ Choice Foundation President Claire Green advises, “When music is good, it can change a mood and an outlook. A frown turns upward, a scuff turns into a skip, a clenched fist becomes an open hand. Combine good music with good — and genuine — messages, and the possibility for positive effect increases. Don’t preach, and don’t force it. Kids understand authenticity and are apt to repeat it.”


Indeed, a really good way to find meaningful songs for your kids is by buying albums by award winners (Parents’ Choice recently announced a new batch of music awards).



Listen to a playlist of “Songs To Inspire” the young people in your life, by clicking HERE.

Dana's Do My Part


Need a few examples? We have some.


The family music pioneer Dana, who has won numerous awards for her engaging and action-oriented music, just released an inspiring music video called “Do My Part.” The video models children working together and thinking of themselves as the caretakers of their own little part of the world. It’s a great message.
The Bazillions‘ new and award-winning Rock-n-Roll Yearbook includes a wonderfully affirmative song called, “You Could Be the One.”
Ladysmith Black Mambazo has been called South Africa’s messengers of good will and harmony. Their new album, Songs of PEACE & LOVE for Kids and Parents Around the World, is a mesmerizing gem.


Alphabet Rockers, not a band to shy away from difficult social issues, offers a song that will make anyone’s day a little brighter. “Shine” is spinning on radio shows around the nation, and their new music video is a hit with hip hop fans.


There’s nothing like the experience of seeing a band perform live, and the Just Kidding performance series offers several all-ages concerts this 2017-18 season. A highlight this Saturday will be The Moonlights, and this sweet little music video of their song “Colour of Leaves” may be just the ticket to a better day.

Credit: Courtesy of Sugar Mountain PR. Permission was give to SoCal City Kids to repost.

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