Cali, April 30th Pet of the Week!

Cali, 8 years old, is a beautiful, smart, loyal and loving soul. She’s your typical lounge buddy, stealing your attention whenever possible for tummy rubs or head pats. As you can see in her photo with her foster, Cali’s affectionate and caring, and she’s sweet to all people she meets. She has a calm energy and perfect manners in the house: no begging or jumping on the furniture. She saves her get-up-and-go for her walks! Cali’s a strong gal and needs some confidence on the other end of the leash and is a bit reactive to other dogs and cats, so caution and guidance are must-haves! But she’s very responsive to commands, so redirecting her isn’t too much of a challenge. We know she’ll only get better with time as she learns the behaviors that you want from her. Cali’s taking part in Live Love Animal Rescue’s effort to put shelter dogs into foster homes during the pandemic. If you want to give her a forever home, find her profile on Live Love’s page at, and fill out an adoption application there.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

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