Bully Bean by Thomas Weck & Peter Weck Illustrated by Len DiSalvo


Bully Bean is the fifth book in the Lima Bean Bear story series. Authors Thomas Weck and Peter Weck havecreated a very effective and valuable way to open a dialog on issues of bullying in a way young kids can understand – how to turn a bully into a friend.

Bully Bean, by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, is a delightfully written and colorfully illustrated children’s book designed to facilitate a constructive family dialog on the difficult and sensitive topic of bullying. Extend the Learning and Activity sections reinforce this theme and enhance the dialog in the family and the classroom.


This carefully scripted tale tells the story of a giant bean, named Bully Bean, who picks on little beans, plays mean tricks on them, and puts them in danger.

Father and son, Thomas and Peter Weck, teamed up to create this sturdy, hardbound book as the fifth book in the Lima Bear Series which presents life lessons for children and their families. The story in each book of the series highlights an important message to children: overcoming fear, having courage, compatibility, teamwork, tolerating differences, and forgiveness.


Bully Bean has 32 full color pages targeting children ages four to eight years old with their families and a message of turning a bully into a friend.


Illustrator Len DiSalvo created large, colorful colored pencil and pastel drawings that bring the story to life.


The book also includes parental or teacher guidance with instructions and suggested questions for children about before, during and after reading and activities that share ways to reinforce the message of each book in the series.

We received a copy of this book and I recommend it for younger children ages 4+. It has a very important lesson and message. 


Find out more at  www.LimaBearPress.com.

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this feature post.  Photo Credit: Lima Bear Press.


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