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I recently learned about a great site for Parents and Kids called Brightly. As a homeschool Mom, I am really excited about this website. Brightly is a resource from Penguin Random House that features book recommendations from all publishers for every age and stage, reading tips, author essays, and more. This is really cool! I really like the following resource: Brightly’s Back to School Essentials,  which includes books for kids at every age level (Pre-K through High School), plus tips for parents to get back into the school groove. I know that it is already December, but I still find this quite helpful!

Brightly’s Back to School Essentials, includes books for kids at every age level (Pre-K through High School). They sent me a few books for the Tween age group and I was impressed. Two of the book choices are in the photos above! We also received the following:

Brightly Family Book Club: Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth

Graphic Novels? Yea, They’re Fun for the WHOLE Family

And, Brightly isn’t just a helpful School Resource, they also have some great holiday gift ideas this Holiday season!

Check them out here: Brightly’s Holiday Central 2016: Gift Ideas, Seasonal Reads, and More!


Self Disclosure: I received free books to facilitate this post. Photos were provided.


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