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This first one is fairly new! It released on March 7th!

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This is a delightful Children’s book and I love the illustrations!~ SoCal City Kids.

Animal Colors and More is the third book in Katie’s Animal series. Here a herd of friendly creatures teach children the different colors and patterns found in the animal world. Charming, vivid illustrations bring nature to life with both realism and whimsy. Keep an eye out for a few cheeky animals that are trying to trick you, see if you can work out who they are!

About the Author:

Katie Viggers is a London-based illustrator who studied Fine Art at university. After a few years dabbling in animation and children’s bookselling, she went on to complete an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Shortly after, Katie decided to combine her printmaking skills, passion for picture books, and her bookselling experience to create Eightbear, a small company that produces an original and witty range of animal-based books and prints appealing to kids and adults alike. Animal Colors and More is the third book in Katie’s bestselling series for POW! Kids Books: Almost An Animal Alphabet (2013) and 1 to 20, Animals Aplenty (2014).

The next one is a great read for Women!


Troy Ball and her husband, Charlie, an engineer and real estate investor, had spent their entire lives in Texas. But after a near fatal trip to the emergency room with their mute, wheelchair-bound son Coulton, they admitted the dust and the heat were too dangerous. To save their boys, the Balls cashed out, sold their beloved farm, and moved to Asheville, North Carolina.


Nearing fifty, Troy thought her chance at adventure had passed. But in this booming little Appalachian Mountain city of hippies, farmers, artisans, and retirees, she unexpectedly discovered a support network and something she’d never had in twenty-five years of providing round-the-clock care for her special needs boys: the freedom to pursue her own dreams. She struck up a friendship with a legendary eighty-year-old raconteur from the mountains, met his friends, and soon found herself in a rickety country shack with an ingeniously inventive retired farmer trying to create the best recipe ever for traditional mountain moonshine.


But when the real estate bubble burst and the collapse of her husband Charlie’s new venture in Asheville left them deeply in debt, Troy realized her ten-year business plan for Troy & Sons Platinum Whiskey wasn’t enough. If she was going to save her family—and she was definitely going to save her family—she needed to become the most successful woman in the legal whiskey business. And she needed to do it fast, before the bank took her house, her business, and everything she’d worked so hard to achieve.


Full of eccentric characters and charming locations—from a “haunted” cabin in the mountains to the last farm in the world to grow heritage Crooked Creek corn—Pure Heart is a charming story of a woman who set out to find a purpose in the most unexpected of places, and ended up finding happiness, contentment, and a community of love and respect.

 I liked the characters and how well this story flowed!

You can find purchase info here.

I absolutely love this next one! It is perfect for girls, teens and even Women! 

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Awesome Women Who Changed History Paper Dolls by Carol del Angel. Forget the runway. These Awesome Women Who Changed History are dressed for the battlefields, the picket lines..and the White House! I love the women they selected to feature in this book!

You can purchase this one on


This next series is wonderful for young children!

cover-sofia     cover_Rupert

Danielle’s book series is  called Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds and they are must-reads for young pre-schoolers!

Sofia the Snail
Helping children overcome the fear of a dark room can be a daunting task for parents, making bedtime a nightly chore. Sofia the Snail, “The little snail who was afraid of the dark,” is a charming story that addresses a child’s fear of bedtime darkness. The colorful pages and poetic tale offers parents a whimsical way to comfort even the most nervous little sleeper.

Teaching our children about patience, tolerance, taking our turn and being “Ok” when things don’t always go our way, can be a daunting task for parents and teachers. Rupert, The little puppy who ran out of tears is the story of a puppy who rants and raves, cries and pouts to get his way and learns that using his words is a much better way to communicate with both his teacher and his friends. He also learns that sharing, caring and communicating without his tears and with his words instead, is the way to go!

Betsie Bee
A wonderful book to help little ones who may be afraid of visiting a doctor. This bright, beautiful book, combines whimsical rhyme and a fun, engaging story to walk children through their first doctor visit.


I love the bright illustrations and the delightful story lines in these three books!

You can learn more about Danielle by visiting her website,

Danielle’s new show on Amazon Prime, Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds just launched as well. You can view it here:
Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds


This next one is a must for Toddlers! 


This is a book in a series for Toddlers and I love that they teach positive lessons in a delightful way! This is a series of cute board books featuring easy-to-remember rhymes for little ones featuring Max and his little sister Molly and other adorable animal characters. Written by Todd and Jackie Courtney to create a positive belief system and positive self-image, they even call the books “self-help books for toddlers!”

I think that young children will enjoy this book: Be Responsible Like Max. I had the opportunity to check it out and Max is a very likable character and the easy-to-remember rhymes will be a hit with toddlers!

Check out the books here:


Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this featured book posts. Photos and info were also provided.

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